• Double Dare - 1/1

    I remember watch this show all the time on TV back in the day. Mark Summers was such a charismatic host! This game consists of mini games sprinkled between trivia sections. Everything was fun, this is a great multiplayer game that has aged very well. I wouldn’t even be opposed to busting this baby out as a drinking game at a party or something.


  • Double Dragon - 1/1

    What a classic. The only bad thing I can say about it is how horrible it is that it’s not truly cooperative. There is a 2-player option but you actually take turns playing, it’s a huge disappointment. Otherwise this is an excellent beat-em up experience and the first game in an epic series (on console). The control scheme is pretty stupid but you can learn to get over it. I have actually beaten this game in my childhood.


  • Double Dragon II - 1/1

    Here it is! The best beat-em up on NES hands down. The finally got the 2-player right, now you and your friend can take on the evil ninja world together. The controls are awesome (although it is quite difficult to execute the spin kick and power knee), the music is awesome, the gameplay is awesome. If you are a Nintendo fan, this is a MUST GET.


  • Double Dragon III - 1/1

    I never played much of this game in my childhood but I can’t say anything bad about it. It is, once again, 2-player coop with the same controls as the previous game. Some new moves have been added, and the game has a mechanic where you unlock new characters to be. The difficulty is much higher on this game than the previous two however.


  • Double Dribble - 0/1

    It reminds me of a much worse version of NBA Jam. Sometimes it’s hard to evaluate these games because my system is so very inconsistent. There is nothing “wrong” with this game, but I also didn’t think it was very fun… But I dislike most sports games no matter how good they are so that isn’t fair. Bottom line is, currently there is no reason to play this. Just play one of the many other better basketballs games.


  • Dirty Harry - 0/1

    It actually seems fun. Harry walking around the city shooting dudes and investigating. Unfortunately, the game cannot overcome how terrible the controls are. I feel like I spent more time fighting the game itself than I did the enemies.

  • Dizzy, the Adventures of - 1/1

    This seems to either be a point and click adventure game, or an action adventure game. We didn’t get far enough in to truly find out. The animation looks very good for Nintendo.

  • Donkey Kong - 1/1

    Probably the best classic arcade game ever made. The NES port is one of the best, if not THE BEST. Everything about it feels awesome. Classics never die.

  • Donkey Kong III - 1/1

    Unexpected game. You aren’t DK, you aren’t DK Jr, and you aren’t even Mario… Just some dork with a gas can trying to literally blow smoke up DK’s ass. Bugs are trying to kill you. As an arcade game the concept is totally fine but what the hell?

  • Donkey Kong Jr - 1/1

    A bit of a role reversal here! You now take control of DK’s son to save DK from the evil grip of Mario the terrible! The sad look on DK Jr’s face says it all. Violence begets violence like the fairy tails always say…

  • Donkey Kong Math - 1/1

    Obviously now this is dated and probably boring. But at the time, in a world of Oregon Trail and Number Munchers, this game would have been an absolute blast! The competitive nature might even disguise the fact that actual learning is going on. I would have loved to own this game when I was a kid. I can even see myself secretly practicing in private to make sure I can hold my own when competition arrives. Parents can even play it with kids and help them learn.

  • Devil World - 0/1

    I said this was a Japan only game and I was wrong about that. It was also released in Europe, it was just America that didn’t get this game because of how scared we are of any religious iconography. Nintendo itself both developed and published this game which I find very strange for some reason… The gameplay is reminiscent of Pac Man and I don’t think it’s bad at all. You need to grab a cross to “eat” the dots. The cross only lasts for either a limited time, or a limited amount of dots I can’t tell which one. The level is over once you eat all the dots. Meanwhile ghosts are trying to kill you and the Devil moves the screen around trying to crush you on the sides. We took a democratic vote on the game and both my co-hosts gave it a 0, although I think there is nothing wrong with the game.

  • Dick Tracy - 1/1

    I have seen this game critically panned by most reviewers on youtube. I never owned or played this game as a kid and maybe if you try to “seriously” beat it it’s worse than just flirting with it. From what I saw, the gameplay looked fun and it seems to follow the movie pretty closely. Driving takes a bit of getting used to but once you get the hang out it, you can only blame yourself for failure.

  • Die Hard - 1/1

    A decent movie adaptation. You run around killing bad guys working your way up the skyscraper in a top down perspective. A bit like Guerrilla War or the countless other top down shooters on NES. The game has a unque line-of-sight mechanic which I think is pretty innovative. Shooting pop machines and drinking Coca Cola refills your health. Hilarious.

  • Dig Dug II Trouble in Paradise - 1/1

    I guess after Dug’s first adventure he decided to take a little vacation, in paradise. Trouble is, the red snorkel-wearing dudes and green dragons had the same idea. The gameplay is quite similar to the original with some optimizations. I always loved the original and I see no reason not to love this.

  • Digger T Rock - 1/1

    I said this game is probably based on an arcade game but on further inspection I was wrong. This is strictly an NES game with no sequels or prequels. The game has your young avatar named Digger searching in caverns looking for treasures. Based on my five minutes, the game looks like an open ended action adventure with awesome music. What is not to like?

  • Deja Vu - 1/1

    This is one of the rare first-person point and click adventure games on NES. I have never been a big fan of point and click games but I can see the value. Some people love them and I think those people would probably enjoy Deja Vu. Obviously it’s not possible to experience a game like this in 5 minutes, but I saw no glaring flaws so I give it a pass.

  • Demon Sword - 1/1

    It feels like playing Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon on NES. The controls are very strange but once you get the hang of it you truly feel like a badass ninja who has super natural powers. It felt so much like Legend of Kage I had to look it up. Turns out both games are developed by Taito, Demon Sword is the more recent of the two.

  • Desert Commander - 1/1

    Turn based strategy game similar to Advanced Wars and Fire Emblem series. I didn’t get much out of it in my 5 minutes, but I feel like once you play one of these games you have played them all. Some people really enjoy it. The graphics were fine so I can’t complain.

  • Destination Earthstar - 0/1

    I wasted a ton of my life grinding on this game when I was a kid. I have no idea what I was thinking. The music is good, but this game is a yawn festival.

  • Destiny of an Emperor - 1/1

    It feels and plays exactly like Final Fantasy, there is nothing wrong with that. The graphics are fine and the controls are what you would expect from a game like this. Can’t play an RPG in such a short time, but from what I saw, it felt good.

  • Deathrace - 1/1

    Even though it isn’t much to look at there is something here. The graphics passable and the driving controls are pretty bad, however the novelty of running over pedestrians on an NES game can carry the concept pretty far. The competitive nature of the game with a friend is also interesting.

  • Deathbots - 0/1

    Games like this really confuse me. There is no excuse for how ugly and bad this game is. Are they really just trying to sucker kids into it with the cover art? Was that a viable strategy in the NES age? Box art bait and switch?

  • Defender II - 0/1

    There is nothing wrong with a defender port. The only problem is it’s worse than almost every other shooter on NES. Why in the world would anyone want to own this when you could have Gradius, Lifeforce, Crysis Force, Gun Nac, Paraodius, or literally any of the others?

  • Defender of the Crown - 0/1

    Feels like a board game. Board games have been done well on NES before, however I can’t say this game is an example of that. It reminds me of Castles: Siege and Conquest but only based on the setting. Looks like this game will take a LONG time to learn, and the payoff isn’t going t be there.

  • Defenders of Dynatron City - 1/1

    The dog can throw cars. If that isn’t enough, the graphics are good, the gameplay is good and the character design is hilarious and awesome. I didn’t get a full feel for this game, but after my 5 minutes I was hungry for more.

Lot’s of changes in this episode! Once again it is 60fps, but this time it’s in a real aspect ratio instead of some random garbage: 1920×1080. Also there is a new title screen and a slightly new layout. Let me know your thoughts! Also stick around until the end for some bonus footage.

  • Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum - 0/1

    I don’t know what the story of this game is. There is some kind of overworked where you move blocks around to clear the way to enter pipes. Once inside a pipe you end up playing a horrible platform game. Not much good I can say about this except that I feel bad for people that had it.

  • David Crane’s A Boy and His Blob - 0/1

    This game seems to be pretty popular and no one rags on it. Well I don’t see it. It’s essentially a convoluted point and click adventure game. Instead of pointing and clicking on random items trying to make progress, you randomly feed jelly beans to your pet blob to see if you can progress. I really do not enjoy this style of game. Who has time for trial and error anymore?

  • Day Dreaming Davey - 0/1

    Game starts with some asshole bully taking Davey’s new pencil of all things… How is Davey going to succeed in school if his pen is gone? So I guess Davey goes on a quest to get his pencil back … in medieval Europe? The game has daydreaming in it’s name so I suppose that is what is going on. He is imagining getting his pencil back? Seems pretty dark actually. Anyway this game is an overhead action adventure and it isn’t a good one.

  • Days of Thunder - 0/1

    Other than Pole Position, this might be the most boring racing game I have ever seen. I mean just watch the video and see for yourself.

  • Deadly Towers - 0/1

    Deadly Towers gets ragged on a lot on youtube channels. The difficulty is pretty insane. You start with 100hp but some enemies do as much as 50 to you (I think). The game plays like the original Zelda but with a slightly isometric view, but the difficulty is just off the charts!

  • Cyberball - 0/1

    I think this is some kind of terrible football game but it was too disgusting to even use my imagination. This is quite the downer when coming off the very excellent Base Wars. The graphics are just too terrible to derive any joy from this game.

  • Cybernoid the Fighting Machine - 1/1

    The title cracked me up first, the shape your character is in cracked me up second. I can’t tell if you are supposed to be a robot, or a ship, but either way for something called Cybernoid the Fighting Machine you are pretty pathetic. Although you pack some decent firepower with both lasers and rockets, you die in a single hit! You also move very slowly and it’s very hard to avoid anything. Despite those flaws, this game reminds me of modern ultra-hard games like Meat Boy, I Wanna Be the Guy, Streemers and whatever else you can think of. Trial and error is the name of the game and I respect that.

  • Danny Sullivan Indy Heat - 1/1

    It plays just like Off Road but on a traditional race track instead of a dirt track. This is great news because Off Road is one of the funnest 2-player games on NES! If I knew about Indy Heat when I was a kid I can assure you many all-nighters would have been spent with me and my friends trying to max out our cars. Highly recommended.

  • Darkman - 0/1

    If you have never seen the Darkman movies, do it. As for the games… Well we couldn’t even get more than a few steps into the first level due to the horrible controls. The whole game plays like you are on ice skates and carrying buckets of water. it’s a shame too because the game certainly has some redeeming qualities. The graphics are pretty neat and the attention to detail is high. I especially like the continue screen where you see a single tear run down Darkman’s face. There seems to be some kind of balance mechanic which we encounter once on the first level. It feels pretty good and it leaves me wondering if there are any other interesting mechanics hiding. Sadly no one will ever know.

  • Darkwing Duck - 1/1

    I have heard people complain that this is a MegaMan ripoff. I don’t really see how. Sure it is a side scrolling platform shooter and your gun kinds acts the same… But that is where the similarities stop. You don’t charge up your shots, you don’t slide, you do not have a sidekick dog. Grabbing on to things and hanging seems to be pivotal to the gameplay… Maybe you collect guns from bosses? I guess that would be a big similarity. Well anyway, I think this game is a blast and is on par with any MegaMan game from a quality standpoint. Granted I only played for five minutes.

  • Color a Dinosaur - 1/1

    It’s difficult to call this a game, but it’s also hard to give it a bad score. The game certainly delivers exactly what it promises. You get to color a dinosaur, and the interface is about as good as Nintendo will allow.

  • Commando - 1/1

    Very disappointing 2-player mode. Who even came up with this whole “taking turns” idea when a game obviously begs for cooperative play? other than that I don’t have many complaints. it’s a solid top-down shooter, very … “Contra” but a little different.

  • Conan - 0/1

    What a disappointment! I come looking for a badass action fantasy and instead I get a half-assed Prince of Persia clone. Down makes you jump. What more do I need to say? Ok, i’ll add some more just for fun. The gameplay is trash, the graphics are bad and the hero is meek.

  • Conflict - 0/1

    I am generally fond of turn based strategy games. I mean, I love Chess, Civilization, Final Fantasy Tactics… The problem is the interface. If it’s bad, the whole game is bad. I don’t doubt that Conflict has deep strategic gameplay, but I can’t imagine sitting through enough of this game to find it.

  • Conquest of the Crystal Palace - 1/1

    How badly did this game wish it was called Conquest of the Crystal CASTLE? Why would you blow a chance for such magnificent alliteration? That one mistake aside, I loved this game! It played like a very capable action platformer and it foreshadowed a money/store system. I enjoyed it so much I even went back and played it a little more after the video.

  • Cliffhanger - 0/1

    love this movie! I pretty much love any Stallone movie, let’s be honest. I even had high hopes for this game. But in the typical style of movie-licensed games, this is a huge let down. The controls are SO BAD and slow. Imagine the leggiest game you have ever played online, with a full on 1-second delay to all of your inputs. That is how good this game controls. The nasty graphics don’t help.

  • Clu Clu Land - 1/1

    This game sure does smell like an arcade port, but I was wrong. This game is NOT actually an arcade game, just a Nintendo game. It draws plenty of inspiration for Pacman. The main difference being, they took the excellent and responsive controls from Pacman and replaced them with really complex and unintuitive controls instead. If you get used to them, this game is actually pretty decent.

  • Cobra Command - 0/1

    I have one question, why is the sky green? It is symbolic of the toll this war is taking on the landscape? The sky is green with sickness watching all of the pain and devastation. Not a bad narrative device. Problem is the game isn’t any fun.

  • Cobra Triangle - 1/1

    One of the stranger games I have ever played. You play as some kind of war boat with a propeller on it. Each level has totally different goals. Sometimes you are participating in a race with other boats, other times you are fighting a dragon. The game is full of surprises and he decent controls.

  • Code Name Viper - 1/1

    This game reminds me very much of the arcade game Rolling Thunder. It is a side-scrolling shooter similar to contra, but much more tactical. You are very limited in ammo, and need to take care not to waste bullets. The levels are build with two elevations, ground level and balconies and you jump up can jump up or down at will. I really enjoyed this game and I am sorry I never heard of it in my childhood.

  • Caveman Games - 0/1

    I had high hopes for this because of the unique idea. Unfortunately it suffers from some of the worst controls I have ever come across in a video game. I would say it’s pretty much unplayable unless you commit considerable time to getting “the feel” down … But even after that, will it ever be fun?

  • Challenge of Dragon - 1/1

    Never seen this game before but it is actually pretty cool. The whole game feels like it is on very slippery ice, but other than that the controls are decent. You character has a sword, and jump kicks like a boss. Hitting enemies feels good. Like I said, it’s NOTHING compared to Castlevania, but it’s not horrible.

  • Championship Bowling - 1/1

    It’s bowling.

  • Champtionship Pool - 0/1

    It’s worse pool than the last bad pool game.

  • Cheetahmen II - 0/1

    How did someone make this pile of trash and feel good about it? The controls and graphics aren’t even an improvement over the first Cheetahmen when it took up 1/52nd of a cart. This is what they do with an entire cart? The music is good, I’ll give them that.