• Cyberball - 0/1

    I think this is some kind of terrible football game but it was too disgusting to even use my imagination. This is quite the downer when coming off the very excellent Base Wars. The graphics are just too terrible to derive any joy from this game.

  • Cybernoid the Fighting Machine - 1/1

    The title cracked me up first, the shape your character is in cracked me up second. I can’t tell if you are supposed to be a robot, or a ship, but either way for something called Cybernoid the Fighting Machine you are pretty pathetic. Although you pack some decent firepower with both lasers and rockets, you die in a single hit! You also move very slowly and it’s very hard to avoid anything. Despite those flaws, this game reminds me of modern ultra-hard games like Meat Boy, I Wanna Be the Guy, Streemers and whatever else you can think of. Trial and error is the name of the game and I respect that.

  • Danny Sullivan Indy Heat - 1/1

    It plays just like Off Road but on a traditional race track instead of a dirt track. This is great news because Off Road is one of the funnest 2-player games on NES! If I knew about Indy Heat when I was a kid I can assure you many all-nighters would have been spent with me and my friends trying to max out our cars. Highly recommended.

  • Darkman - 0/1

    If you have never seen the Darkman movies, do it. As for the games… Well we couldn’t even get more than a few steps into the first level due to the horrible controls. The whole game plays like you are on ice skates and carrying buckets of water. it’s a shame too because the game certainly has some redeeming qualities. The graphics are pretty neat and the attention to detail is high. I especially like the continue screen where you see a single tear run down Darkman’s face. There seems to be some kind of balance mechanic which we encounter once on the first level. It feels pretty good and it leaves me wondering if there are any other interesting mechanics hiding. Sadly no one will ever know.

  • Darkwing Duck - 1/1

    I have heard people complain that this is a MegaMan ripoff. I don’t really see how. Sure it is a side scrolling platform shooter and your gun kinds acts the same… But that is where the similarities stop. You don’t charge up your shots, you don’t slide, you do not have a sidekick dog. Grabbing on to things and hanging seems to be pivotal to the gameplay… Maybe you collect guns from bosses? I guess that would be a big similarity. Well anyway, I think this game is a blast and is on par with any MegaMan game from a quality standpoint. Granted I only played for five minutes.

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