Typical Deviant Art trash. Not sure where they find the balls to be defensive about such horrible wastes of time. WE ALL KNOW THESE TOOK NO EFFORT. Well except that civil war piece. That actually probably took some effort, but it’s the effort was going in the wrong direction.

It’s hard for me to explain why, but I hate “Windows” and “Mac” wallpapers just a barely less than DeviantArt Murotrash. Apple and Microsoft already make wallpapers for the systems, and they are nearly always superior to the trash everyone makes. Rightly so, I am sure the pay people to make good ones. So why would I, or anyone, ever use some fan made trash? Also in this episode, a “hacker” masturbates!

I think I really did a good job on Deviantart. I never actually stopped trolling. It just started getting very difficult to find terrible shit. I guess the “regulars” that posted it decided to stop after I started making them realize they are bad artists. I can only hope that is the case. Regardless, after months of tireless searching, I finally have enough content for another solid troll.