• Cyberball - 0/1

    I think this is some kind of terrible football game but it was too disgusting to even use my imagination. This is quite the downer when coming off the very excellent Base Wars. The graphics are just too terrible to derive any joy from this game.

  • Cybernoid the Fighting Machine - 1/1

    The title cracked me up first, the shape your character is in cracked me up second. I can’t tell if you are supposed to be a robot, or a ship, but either way for something called Cybernoid the Fighting Machine you are pretty pathetic. Although you pack some decent firepower with both lasers and rockets, you die in a single hit! You also move very slowly and it’s very hard to avoid anything. Despite those flaws, this game reminds me of modern ultra-hard games like Meat Boy, I Wanna Be the Guy, Streemers and whatever else you can think of. Trial and error is the name of the game and I respect that.

  • Danny Sullivan Indy Heat - 1/1

    It plays just like Off Road but on a traditional race track instead of a dirt track. This is great news because Off Road is one of the funnest 2-player games on NES! If I knew about Indy Heat when I was a kid I can assure you many all-nighters would have been spent with me and my friends trying to max out our cars. Highly recommended.

  • Darkman - 0/1

    If you have never seen the Darkman movies, do it. As for the games… Well we couldn’t even get more than a few steps into the first level due to the horrible controls. The whole game plays like you are on ice skates and carrying buckets of water. it’s a shame too because the game certainly has some redeeming qualities. The graphics are pretty neat and the attention to detail is high. I especially like the continue screen where you see a single tear run down Darkman’s face. There seems to be some kind of balance mechanic which we encounter once on the first level. It feels pretty good and it leaves me wondering if there are any other interesting mechanics hiding. Sadly no one will ever know.

  • Darkwing Duck - 1/1

    I have heard people complain that this is a MegaMan ripoff. I don’t really see how. Sure it is a side scrolling platform shooter and your gun kinds acts the same… But that is where the similarities stop. You don’t charge up your shots, you don’t slide, you do not have a sidekick dog. Grabbing on to things and hanging seems to be pivotal to the gameplay… Maybe you collect guns from bosses? I guess that would be a big similarity. Well anyway, I think this game is a blast and is on par with any MegaMan game from a quality standpoint. Granted I only played for five minutes.

  • Crash n the Boys Street Challenge - 1/1

    It looks like a compilation of sports games with little violence built in. We only played one out of a bunch of games. The controls seemed complex to say the least, but I think that probably gives this game some solid depth. I love River City Ransom and I love Super Dodge Ball so this game pretty much has to be awesome. If you can pick this up I think you should.

  • Crisis Force - 1/1

    I was shocked to see that this top down shooter supports simultaneous co-op play! On top of that, the game had awesome gameplay. You could change the configuration of your ship at any time which effected how it shoots, there are tons of power-ups, great graphics and some kind of super phoenix mode. If you like co-op games I highly recommend this one. I guess it was never released in the US… BUT WHY!?

  • Crystal Mines - 0/1

    This reminds me a lot of Boulder Dash. You navigate a grid-based mine full of dirt and evil wookies looking for crystals. Once you have all the crystals a door opens and you go to the next level. There is a 2-player mode, but it is alternating which pretty much means there is no 2-player mode in my opinion. Oh yeah, it isn’t any fun.

  • Crystalis - 1/1

    The best way I can describe this is by calling it a Zelda clone. Not to say that is a bad thing, Zelda is a great game, and there is plenty of design space in the top-down action adventure genre. Crystalis seems like a pretty great game itself, the graphics, sounds and controls are good. Obviously five minutes are not sufficient to explore a game like this but I can see the potential.

  • Cyber Stadium Series Base Wars - 1/1

    Wow after all of my disdain for sports games, I find this absolute treasure. It reminds me a lot of NFL Blitz but baseball, and with robots! Pitching and batting is fun, and anytime you would get tagged by a baseball you battle to the death (destruction). I would play this again for sure. Love it.

  • Contra - 1/1

    Contra is the Nintendo classic. This is probably the single best co-op shooter ever made before the Xbox era. It just got so much right! The control is dead on, the music is awesome, the two-player is mostly excellent (except when your partner rushes the screen and you get raped from behind). Easy win.

  • Contra Force - 0/1

    This game is so strange. It says Contra on the box but it feels nothing like Contra. One question: What went wrong? It’s jerky, the flicker is terrible, the graphics look nothing like Contra. Just not very good overall.

  • Cool World - 0/1

    What is this game? I’ve seen the movie and skateboarding is NOT a very large part of it. Why am I on Sweet Street being attacked by endless cops and rabbits throwing ice cream cones? None of the answers to those questions matter, because the game sucks.

  • Corvette ZR-1 - 1/1

    It’s two-player so that is a huge plus. You need to manually change gears which adds considerable gameplay to a generally simplistic concept. There is also some kind of fuel mechanic which I didn’t figure out. I assume there is a way to conserve fuel and actually finish a race? If that is the case, this game is fun.

  • Cowboy Kid - 1/1

    The graphics are pretty goofy, but it looks like a solid two-player adventure game. You go around stabbing people in the face with a knife, taking their money and using it to probably buy power ups. What more can you ask for from a NES game? How about great box art? This game delivers.

  • Color a Dinosaur - 1/1

    It’s difficult to call this a game, but it’s also hard to give it a bad score. The game certainly delivers exactly what it promises. You get to color a dinosaur, and the interface is about as good as Nintendo will allow.

  • Commando - 1/1

    Very disappointing 2-player mode. Who even came up with this whole “taking turns” idea when a game obviously begs for cooperative play? other than that I don’t have many complaints. it’s a solid top-down shooter, very … “Contra” but a little different.

  • Conan - 0/1

    What a disappointment! I come looking for a badass action fantasy and instead I get a half-assed Prince of Persia clone. Down makes you jump. What more do I need to say? Ok, i’ll add some more just for fun. The gameplay is trash, the graphics are bad and the hero is meek.

  • Conflict - 0/1

    I am generally fond of turn based strategy games. I mean, I love Chess, Civilization, Final Fantasy Tactics… The problem is the interface. If it’s bad, the whole game is bad. I don’t doubt that Conflict has deep strategic gameplay, but I can’t imagine sitting through enough of this game to find it.

  • Conquest of the Crystal Palace - 1/1

    How badly did this game wish it was called Conquest of the Crystal CASTLE? Why would you blow a chance for such magnificent alliteration? That one mistake aside, I loved this game! It played like a very capable action platformer and it foreshadowed a money/store system. I enjoyed it so much I even went back and played it a little more after the video.

  • Cliffhanger - 0/1

    love this movie! I pretty much love any Stallone movie, let’s be honest. I even had high hopes for this game. But in the typical style of movie-licensed games, this is a huge let down. The controls are SO BAD and slow. Imagine the leggiest game you have ever played online, with a full on 1-second delay to all of your inputs. That is how good this game controls. The nasty graphics don’t help.

  • Clu Clu Land - 1/1

    This game sure does smell like an arcade port, but I was wrong. This game is NOT actually an arcade game, just a Nintendo game. It draws plenty of inspiration for Pacman. The main difference being, they took the excellent and responsive controls from Pacman and replaced them with really complex and unintuitive controls instead. If you get used to them, this game is actually pretty decent.

  • Cobra Command - 0/1

    I have one question, why is the sky green? It is symbolic of the toll this war is taking on the landscape? The sky is green with sickness watching all of the pain and devastation. Not a bad narrative device. Problem is the game isn’t any fun.

  • Cobra Triangle - 1/1

    One of the stranger games I have ever played. You play as some kind of war boat with a propeller on it. Each level has totally different goals. Sometimes you are participating in a race with other boats, other times you are fighting a dragon. The game is full of surprises and he decent controls.

  • Code Name Viper - 1/1

    This game reminds me very much of the arcade game Rolling Thunder. It is a side-scrolling shooter similar to contra, but much more tactical. You are very limited in ammo, and need to take care not to waste bullets. The levels are build with two elevations, ground level and balconies and you jump up can jump up or down at will. I really enjoyed this game and I am sorry I never heard of it in my childhood.

I have new thumbnail art on my youtube video! Also I have some new ideas for my next video so stay tuned. ENJOY!

  • Chubby Cherub - 0/1

    In this side scrolling shooter/platformer hybrid you control an adorable flying naked child on his quest to eat everything in sight. Sounds like a great life. Problem is people start putting out all of these mean guard dogs to stop you! The game is not BAD… It has music, the controls are fine, the graphics are okay… It is just so boring.

  • Circus Caper - 0/1

    It seems like a platformer, but it plays like a bathtub. The controls are so sluggish and unresponsive, the characters acts like he is perpetually in the ice level of Mario 3. I give them props for the whole animated intro store, that is a good touch. It got off to a good start but then turned to shit.

  • City Connection - 1/1

    I expected this to be terrible but I was surprised! It is a unique take on a Pac-Man mechanic. You drive a race car on 4-level highway avoiding police cars and stray cats. The goal is to drive over every piece of black road and turn it white. Cool music, and interesting gameplay.

  • Clash at Demonhead - 1/1

    This game is awesome! It’s like a mix of Megaman, Metroid on a Mario 3 over world map. Clash at Demonhead seems to have a developed store and RPG elements too! Although those are only speculations. The controls are tight and responsive and the music is good so this game is an easy winner. I would even call this a hidden gem.

  • Concentration - 0/1

    Concentration is not really the kind of game anyone plays for fun. It’s a great tool to help children learn about permanence and maybe to develop memory but as a game? I’d rather play Tic Tac Toe. Actually I probably will play that eventually and I am sure that will get a 0 also. I guess… as a drinking game this would be decent.

  • Blades of Steel - 1/1

    This Konami published hockey game was super popular among the young Minnesotans of my childhood. I was never big into hockey, but my friends sure were and they played it all the time. Pretty sure the fist fighting is the best part of the game. When two players get into a tussle you actually enter a 1v1 battle mode to determine who wins the puck.

  • Blaster Master - 1/1

    I actually owned this game and I attempted to beat it often but I never could. I think I always got stuck on level 4 and ran out of lives. The game has no save or password system so you need to beat it in one sitting, which is pretty insane. I am pretty sure getting to level 4 and losing took me at least 3 hours in my childhood. Anyway, the game is fun and the music rocks. It’s a classic.

  • The Blue Marlin - 0/1

    It’s stupid of me to ask why they make fishing simulation games. There is probably a game for everything and it’s hard for me to say there shouldn’t be. That being said, this game sucks.

  • Blue Shadow - 1/1

    If you watched my video first, I was SURE I played this game before. That is because Blue Shadow is the European version of Yami no Shigotonin Kage, which in American was translated to Shadow of the Ninja. So there you go. Same game, three domains, three different names. That being said, this game is fun and awesome. I will be surprised if I find a ninja game I don’t like on NES.

  • The Blues Brothers - 0/1

    The graphics looks nice but the game didn’t deliver. I got stuck early in the first level not having any idea what to do. I tried to go all the way to the right and then all the way to the left. Both didn’t provide a way to proceed. I suppose if I knew what to do this might be a fun game, but I have a hard time this would compare favorably to other classic platformers.