How to Tie a Necktie Knot

Vidalia Knot

Cosmo Knot

Tulip Knot

Murrell Knot

Murrell knot on a patterned blue tie

Agape Knot

how to tie an agape knot

Truelove Knot

Truelove Necktie Knot

Cape Knot

how to tie a cape necktie knot

Merovingian Knot

trinity tie knot on purple tie

Eldredge Knot

eldredge tie knot on a gold tie

Glennie Double Knot

glennie double necktie knot with a black tie with red verticle stripe

Floating Spiral Knot

floating spiral necktie knot with a purple and pink tie

Krasny Hourglass Knot

Krasny Hourglass necktie knot

Bow Tie Knot

Bow Tie Necktie Knot

bow tie tied out of a $1 necktie

Miniature Knot

Onassis Knot

Onassis Necktie Knot

Balthus Knot

The balthus Knot

Christensen or Cross Knot

cross or christensen knot with a jacket

Van Wijk Knot

van wijk necktie knot

Atlantic Knot

The Atlantic Knot

Full Windsor Knot

full windsor knot on a purple tie and pink plaid shirt

Linwood Taurus Knot

Pratt Knot

how to tie a pratt necktie knot

Invisible Knot

Trinity Knot

trinity tie knot on purple tie

Four in Hand Knot

how to tie a four in hand necktie knot