• Contra - 1/1

    Contra is the Nintendo classic. This is probably the single best co-op shooter ever made before the Xbox era. It just got so much right! The control is dead on, the music is awesome, the two-player is mostly excellent (except when your partner rushes the screen and you get raped from behind). Easy win.

  • Contra Force - 0/1

    This game is so strange. It says Contra on the box but it feels nothing like Contra. One question: What went wrong? It’s jerky, the flicker is terrible, the graphics look nothing like Contra. Just not very good overall.

  • Cool World - 0/1

    What is this game? I’ve seen the movie and skateboarding is NOT a very large part of it. Why am I on Sweet Street being attacked by endless cops and rabbits throwing ice cream cones? None of the answers to those questions matter, because the game sucks.

  • Corvette ZR-1 - 1/1

    It’s two-player so that is a huge plus. You need to manually change gears which adds considerable gameplay to a generally simplistic concept. There is also some kind of fuel mechanic which I didn’t figure out. I assume there is a way to conserve fuel and actually finish a race? If that is the case, this game is fun.

  • Cowboy Kid - 1/1

    The graphics are pretty goofy, but it looks like a solid two-player adventure game. You go around stabbing people in the face with a knife, taking their money and using it to probably buy power ups. What more can you ask for from a NES game? How about great box art? This game delivers.

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