Let’s Play Gauntlet – NES AtoZ 69

5-Minute Impression

I have actually never played the original Gauntlet. Most of my time with the series was spent with Gauntlet Dark Legacy on Xbox and I have to admit I had plenty of fun with that game despite how terrible and glitchy it was. If I had this gem when I was a Nintendo kid, I would have lost plenty of sleep! What an enjoyable cooperative affair that tickles all of the fantasy itches young boys and girls have.

The graphics are fair, the music is pretty decent, but the cooperative play really sets this over the top. I also enjoy how the characters have different stats and feel different to play. Beating the game is possible (unlike the arcade version) but it is no easy task. You need to find the clue in all 5 clue rooms and write each one down. When you get to level 100 you are asked to enter the password to enter the vault (you can look up the passwords online now). Not sure what happens if you don’t know the password…

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