• Bill and Ted’s Excellent Video Game Adventure - 1/1

    Originally I gave it a 0 because of the totally convoluted gameplay. They give you a phonebook, but all of the phone numbers except one are busy… How are you supposed to know!? Maybe the excessively long cutscene explained? Why not just have a level 1 and call it a day? Anyway, once I got beyond that, the gameplay seemed fine and it had good music. Also, I love Keanu.

  • Bill Elliot’s NASCAR - 0/1

    So boring… I might argue this is even more boring that Pole Position.

  • Bionic Commando - 1/1

    Plenty of unique and badass platforming action to be had. This game is amazing. Awesome music, level selection, tons of guns, metal grappling arm, it has it all! I could beat this game on call as a child. Add it to the pile of Capcom classics boys.

  • Black Bass - 0/1

    This terrible fishing simulator does little to seek the true fishing experience. Might as well be called boredom simulator. Actually, I take that back, the boredom is far from a simulation. Boredom inducer maybe.

  • Blackjack - 1/1

    Not much not to like. The game deals you blackjack hands, and does all of them math and shuffling for you. You can even play with two players, which would actually make this a pretty decent drinking game. I am happy to see my “double the bet after a loss” methodology succeed.

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