Adventures of Lolo 3 – 1/1

Hey finally they teach us how to play! I guess it’s about time. Still the same gameplay as the previous two games, which I suppose is fine. I am actually surprised I never even heard of this game as a kid. Also why hasn’t there been an iOS remake?

Adventures of Rad Gravity – 0/1

I guess my biggest gripe is how little this game actually has anything to do with gravity… I was expecting some kind of gravity gun, or gravity mechanic. Nope, just a totally generic side scrolling platformer.

Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle – 0/1

Did you watch the video? Have you ever seen a more disgusting game? Actually, scratch that, because you also must have seen the adventures of Tom Sawyer. That looks much more disgusting.

Adventures of Tom Sawyer – 0/1

Did you see the looks on our faces when we saw the game? How could this even see production? I feel so sorry for the poor children who had to suffer through this.

After Burner – 0/1

It’s a pretty sweet arcade game I think, but on NES it is just a seizure-inducing mess. It seems to have all the elements of a good combat flight sim: guns, missiles, barrel rolls etc… But the controls are just too poor and the graphics too ugly. Nintendo wasn’t ready for this port. They should have waited till SNES.

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