NES AtoZ 72 : Goal! Two, Godzilla 1 & 2, Golf, Golf Grand Slam

Goal! Two

This is actually a totally different soccer game then Goal! I did some research and I found out this game is actually a backwards remake of a soccer game on SNES! How interesting. Anyway, this game is a little bit more fun and active but it’s still a pretty boring soccer game. Emily had some fun playing it though.

Godzilla Monster of Monsters

This game is certainly pretty goofy. It takes place in the year 2XXX for some reason and on an alien planet. The player controls both Godzilla and his childhood friend Mothra on plane divided into hexagons. On the opposite side of the map we have some other freaky monsters which I assume need to be defeated. Each time the players ends a turn they have to battle through the section in a side-scrolling beat ‘em up style. It sucks.

Godzilla 2

This game went WAY into the strategy direction. It resembles advance wars more than anything else. The side-scrolling segments are gone and we left with just turn-based combat. Another big change is the player no longer controls the monster but the human military.

There is nothing wrong with this game, but in today’s world if you are hungry for a turn based strategy game like this there are many more good ones to emulate. Check out Fire Emblem, Advance Wars or even Final Fantasy Tactics.


If the creativity of the name alone doesn’t blow you away… The slow boring gameplay definitely won’t. I guess I should call the gameplay boring since I never did figure out how swinging the club actually worked. To be honest I didn’t even remember anything about the gameplay anymore. The character looks a but like Mario.

Gold Grand Slam

this is an interesting take on golf because the actual act of swinging doesn’t require any skill. It’s fully automated. All you need to do is set up your shot using a variety of settings including tee height, grip type and stance. It didn’t really make it more fun for me, but for a golf person this might be pretty refreshing? Should probably just play Golden Tee instead.

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