NES AtoZ 71 : Ghostbusters II, Ghosts and Goblins, Ghoul School, Go Benny & Goal!

Ghostbusters II

What a refreshing change from the lackluster first game! Right off the bat I am impressed with how the shots my character fires actually have physics to them. They arc up into the air and come back down based on trajectory. The first level has you progressing left instead of right, so that is rather surprising. The music is true to the franchise as well, which is always nice for a game like this.

I only went as far as the second level, which is a driving level that has you traveling to the right and avoiding obstacles while shooting ghosts. It reminds me of Excite Bike. Love the game.

Ghosts and Goblins

I am more than familiar with this game. I rented and played the hell out of it in my childhood. it’s hard as nails, but very funny. It has everything a gamer could ask for: good music, crisp controls, a variety of levels, weapons and enemies. I would recommend any fan of 8-bit games to certainly play this one (but let’s face it, you already have). There is also a slightly different version of this on the Sega Master System which I would also recommend.

Ghoul School

I’ve never heard of this game before, and it is certainly not what I expected. I looks to be an action adventure kinda like Legend of Zelda 2 (at least the sideways portions) except it all takes place in a high school (I assume). The sprites are large and detailed and control is tight. Unfortunately in our playtime we didn’t find anything interesting like a boss, or an alternate weapon but I am guessing they are probably in there somewhere. Good luck beating this without a guide.

Go Benny

Pretty unique for a horizontal shooter. Instead of the usual sci-fi theme, we have a pastoral theme. The players controls a bee who shoots endless stingers at all the other denizens of the prairie. Compared to more robust shooters like Gradius or Crysis Force this game is pretty lacking, but it has a pleasant theme and good animation. I couldn’t possibly call it a bad game.


I draw the same blank every time I need to write about a sports game… Is this game bad in the realm of soccer games? Probably not. Is it worth playing for any reason? Certainly not.

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