NES AtoZ 77: Harlem Globetrotters, Hatris, Heavy Barrel, Heavy Shredding & High Speed

Harlem Globetrotters

Another basketball game huh… Well it’s easier to review this one that the others I reviewed because it’s COMPLETE TRASH! I couldn’t even figure out who I was controlling! I couldn’t even begin to complain about how bad the controls were since I had no idea what character was actually under my control. I guess it’s two-player and that is something good. Assuming you waste the time learning how to play it and force someone else to do it with you. Shit.


This is actually created by the maker of Tetris! it’s a shame this game didn’t get even close to the amount of recognitions that Tetris received. Shame because poor Alex didn’t really benefit from the success of Tetris at all despite being the creator. Anyway, in Hatris you must place hats on heads. You want to stack has 3 high to make them disappear and you need quick fingers to manage all your hands. The game is actually quite simple even for NES standards… But isn’t Tetris pretty simple as well?

Heavy Barrel

Another decent top down co-op shooter. Add this to the list of classics like Guerrilla War, and the upcoming Ikari Warriors. I don’t remember at this point but I think this might be tighter and better than the previous entries and if memory serves me right… Ikari Warriors is no prize. If you are looking for a co-op experience on the NES to enjoy with a friend you could probably do worse than Heavy Barrel

Heavy Shreddin’

I wanted to hate this, but it actually ended up being not so bad. For some reason it kinda reminds me of the classic old Windows game Ski, and ’s probably based on it. Controls are a little “interesting” but I figured them out pretty easily and I must admit I was having a good time challenging myself to jump over the river. I only had access to the early map, but I imagine the fun will increase with variety.

High Speed

Look! A pinball game and it isn’t even completely horrible! The controls are tight and mostly responsive. I especially like how the screen scrolls to let you follow the ball but still leaves a cross section at the bottom to keep track of your bumpers. I am actually pretty impressed with how colorful and “full of life” this pinball machine appears, considering how the whole thing is essentially one giant sprite. I wonder if there are other tables…

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