Air Fortress – 1/1

Starts off as a very boring side scrolling Shoot-em up, but turns into a cool side scrolling platformer with a jetpack! Jetpacks are sweet. If the shuttering sections get better as the game goes on, this might be a very awesome Nintendo game! I suggest you try it out.

AirWolf – 0/1

There are so many different cutscene in this game it ALMOST makes it cool. The problem is the actual gameplay looks and feels so horrible and maybe even glitchy? You saw how I got stuck in the map’s edge in the video… Not sure if I did something wrong or the game glitches.

Al Unser Jr Turbo Racing – 0/1

Boring. Boring uneventful game. Maybe if I was a huge … Nascar fan I wouldn’t like it. Oh is this not Nascar? I don’t give a shit.

Alfred Chicken – 0/1

The name is hilarious. Otherwise it is a pretty typical platformer where you hit switched and avoid enemies. I almost feel bad I gave this a 0 since there nothing “bad” about it. It just isn’t good. I suppose I am spoiled from so many good platformers.

Alien 3 – 0/1

Movies sucks, game sucks. It’s hard to control, you can’t tell what is a background element and what is a foreground element. The enemies come out of nowhere and hit you. It is mostly just very annoying.

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