• Double Dare - 1/1

    I remember watch this show all the time on TV back in the day. Mark Summers was such a charismatic host! This game consists of mini games sprinkled between trivia sections. Everything was fun, this is a great multiplayer game that has aged very well. I wouldn’t even be opposed to busting this baby out as a drinking game at a party or something.


  • Double Dragon - 1/1

    What a classic. The only bad thing I can say about it is how horrible it is that it’s not truly cooperative. There is a 2-player option but you actually take turns playing, it’s a huge disappointment. Otherwise this is an excellent beat-em up experience and the first game in an epic series (on console). The control scheme is pretty stupid but you can learn to get over it. I have actually beaten this game in my childhood.


  • Double Dragon II - 1/1

    Here it is! The best beat-em up on NES hands down. The finally got the 2-player right, now you and your friend can take on the evil ninja world together. The controls are awesome (although it is quite difficult to execute the spin kick and power knee), the music is awesome, the gameplay is awesome. If you are a Nintendo fan, this is a MUST GET.


  • Double Dragon III - 1/1

    I never played much of this game in my childhood but I can’t say anything bad about it. It is, once again, 2-player coop with the same controls as the previous game. Some new moves have been added, and the game has a mechanic where you unlock new characters to be. The difficulty is much higher on this game than the previous two however.


  • Double Dribble - 0/1

    It reminds me of a much worse version of NBA Jam. Sometimes it’s hard to evaluate these games because my system is so very inconsistent. There is nothing “wrong” with this game, but I also didn’t think it was very fun… But I dislike most sports games no matter how good they are so that isn’t fair. Bottom line is, currently there is no reason to play this. Just play one of the many other better basketballs games.


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