Adventures of Bayou Billy – 0/1

I had this game when I was a kid unfortunately, and I beat it. The interesting thing about this game is it actually has 3 different types of gameplay. The awful beat-em up sections which you saw, driving sections, and first person light gun sections. The light gun sections are the most fun.

Adventures of DinoRiki – 1/1

I had this game when I was a kid as well and I remember loving it. It’s a pretty interesting take on a top down shooter. You play a caveman throwing rocks, boomerangs, fire and more. I remember going “hulk mode” and getting a set of wings eventually.

Adventures of Gilligan’s Island – 0/1

Very unfun adventure game. The walk-slowly-through-quicksand is an especially innovative mechanic. However thought of that idea should win an award.

Adventures of Lolo – 1/1

I know this game has a bit of a cult following. It’s a fine puzzle game and I bet it would feel right at home on a mobile device. There is a pretty annoying lack of tutorial which makes the learning curve awkward. Regardless, good graphics, fine music, nice puzzle game.

Adventures of Lolo 2 – 0/1

It’s nearly identical to the first game. Pretty much an expansion pack. The music and graphics are the same, and there is still no tutorial. Had no choice but to give this a 0. How much do I need to love Lolo to actually buy Lolo 2?

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  1. Jayyson
    Jayyson says:

    If you take a close look at Lolo 2 there actually was a brief tutorial, you guys just skipped past it to get to the gameplay.

      • Jayyson
        Jayyson says:

        Hey, not that that one little addition makes a significant difference in your rating 🙂 The two games don’t really differentiate themselves until about a third of the way through to be honest. The second does play much like an expansion pack with little added functionality. Overall, I agree with your assessment: You have to really like Lolo to buy Lolo 2, I just happen to love my puzzle genre (and honestly puzzle games are not shown in the best light in this format).

        Loving this series, and thanks for all the additional knots to diversify my wardrobe options!


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