There are just so many Nintendo games out there, who has time to play them all? Apparently I do. I decided I am going to play every game in the NES library for 5 minutes at a time. After that I will give them games a rating from 0 to 1. Here is the first batch of videos. Make sure to share it with your friends and subscribe to me on youtube!

1943: The Battle of Midway – 1/1

It’s a cool shooter set in the historical WWII setting. There are weapon upgrades, a sweet loop move, and a ton of exploding airplanes. Can’t complain.

3D WorldRunner – 1/1

I appreciate that Acclaim tried to innovate with a NES game in 3D. The graphics and 3D effects in this game are sweet despite the gameplay being pretty lame. Good enough.

720 – 0/1

Even though I really enjoy games that include a bunch of mini games, this one is simply too disgusting to play.

8 Eyes – 1/1

It sure feels like Castlevania. You get to choose what order you play the levels so even if you get stuck you can still see a bunch of the game. There seems to be a lot to it. Nice variety of music.

Abadox: The Deadly Inner War – 1/1

A side-scrolling shooter with some kind of viral, biomechanics theme. Cool upgrades, and awesome settings. Nothing wrong about it.

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