NES AtoZ 82: Indiana Jones ToD, Infiltrator, Ironsword II, Iron Tank, Isolated Warrior

Indiana jones and supporting cast with image of a battle in a fiery room

Indiana Jones Temple of Doom – 0/1


This game has some hilarious instructions. “Touch kids to collect prizes.” How could you not love that? It looks like you need to explore the level and find all the kids scattered about, once you do you can access the final door to exit the level. I didn’t get to far into the game but I saw some mine carts which is a welcome bit of variety.

The control is a little wonky in the game, when you jump for some reason Indy is dragged down. I am not sure what perspective they were going for, but I can’t make sense of it. You need to constantly be holding up in order to no fall into the abyss.

The music is awesome! I love when games get the original music it really gets me into the mood.

black helicopter raining gunfire on a landscape

Infiltrator – 0/1


I have no idea what is going on here. First you are a man on foot trying to avoid land mines. Then you find yourself inside a helicopter in a 1st person point of view trying to land. But the surroundings do not change. I am not sure if the helicopter flying is glitched, terribly programmed, or I was just not playing right?

At least the game seems to have a hilarious story. DAMN YOU McGIBBETS!

sword-wielding shirtless Fabio with a mountain range behind him

Ironsword: Wizards and Warriors II – 1/1

AcclaimAction Platformer1989

I have fond memories of playing this game when I was a kid. I think I must have owned it… I remember being in some kind of volcano trying to ride bubbles up and out of it. Lots of lava, and fire and random bubbles.

The controls are pretty slippery and attacking with your pathetic little sword feels bad. I suppose you would have to get used to it to really have a good time.

I didn’t get far but the level design appears to be non-linear with many ways to beat the different levels and lots of random items to find which can help you on your quest. That probably gives it some decent replay value.

What is the deal with that cover art though? The protagonist looks nothing like a shirtless Fabio. Was the Fabio recognition intended to attract young boys into buying this game? Maybe they couldn’t afford Arnold.

80s era image of a tank on a desert with the super imposed image of a soldiers had in the sky

Iron Tank – 1/1

SNKRun and Gun1988

You have probably noticed a trend of SNK release MOUNDS of these overhead run and gun games. We recently played Ikari Warriors 1, 2 and 3 which basically had the same gameplay as this. Before that we played SNK’s Guerilla War which is just like Ikari warriors…

Lack of imagination aside, this is a fairly solid game with decent gameplay. Running people over with the tank feels good. There is a menu in which you can select different guns to use to keep things fresh. Not sure if it’s two player or not. That would be fun!

purple warrior running through sci-fi setting

Isolated Warrior – 1/1

NTVICShoot’em Up1991

This game basically plays like Galaga, or many other traditional bottom to top shoot’em ups. The twist with this game is instead of a space ship you are a badass dude with a gun running up dystopian city streets killing aliens.

It’s a very cool take! In addition to controlling your characters ground movement you also get to jump adding a third dimension to the traditional formula. From my short time with it, this feels like an awesome game and I might explore it more in the near future.

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