NES AtoZ 85: Joe & Mac, Jon Elway’s Quarterback, Jordan vs Bird, Joshua & Journey to Silius

Joe & Mac – 1/1

Data EastPlatformer1992

Joe & Mac is series I am very familiar with. I have fond memories of playing it on SNES and arcade, but had no idea it made it to the NES as well. I don’t know for sure, and I am too lazy to look it up, but it sure looks like this is just an NES port of the SNES version of Joe  & Mac.

In the context of a NES game, this is great. The game has good music, gameplay and graphics. Problems is it’s not worth playing today because you can just as easily play the SNES version which is better in every way (and two player).

John Elway’s Quarterback – 0/1

MIlton BradleySports1989

It’s hard for me to judge football games, because I would rather go to the dentist than play one. I also have no idea who Jon Elway is. From what I experienced, this game is worse than Tecmo Super Bowl. Is there a point to owning more than 1 football game on NES? I argue the answer is no.

Jordan vs Bird One on One – 0/1


I actually know who these players are as they where huge during my childhood and appeared in many TV ads as well as cereal boxes. Unfortunately that doens’t make me like the game any better.

There isn’t a clear “best” basketball game on NES however, so this one actually might be it as it wasn’t super terrible.

Joshua and the Battle of Jericho – 0/1

Color DreamsPuzzle1992

I applaud Color Dreams for embracing the video game medium to spread Christian propaganda to young impressionable children. Hey, fair is fair. If straight up video games as commercials (Yo Noid) are ok why not religious teachings?

They tried, but this game is shit. It’s basically a remake of Crystal Mines (0/1 – NES AtoZ 31) which was already a shitty remake of Boulder Dash (1/1 – NES AtoZ 18). And the only reason Boulder Dash got a 1/1 is because I threw it a bone as being original. As far as puzzle games go, this whole digging so things can fall down on you “genre” is pretty lame. And Joshua is a shitty version of that which came out almost 10 years later! Just play Boulder Dash and spare yourself the Christian brainwashing.

Journey to Silius – 1/1


About time we got something good! The first thing that really jumps out is the music. It’s excellent and memorable. Other than that, it’s a side-scrolling run-and-gun platformer (kinda like Contra) with tight controls. It even have a cool and thematic inventory screen which lets you change weapons.

According to wikipedia:

Journey to Silius was originally based on the 1984 film The Terminator, but the licensing rights to the film were lost during development. The graphics and storyline were altered to accommodate this change.

That’s too bad I bet this game wold have received much more attention if it retained the license. Unfortunately it looks like the poor saps game the rights to make “official” Terminator games though it was a better idea to give them to LJN instead of Sunsoft. I hope you guys are still with me when I show you those games later in the NES AtoZ journey.

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