• Bo Jackson Baseball - 0/1

    Sigh… As far as baseball games go I guess there isn’t anything BAD about it. Except for batting felt terrible. Pitching was actually fun. Anyway, baseball sucks, baseball simulators suck more.

  • Bomberman - 0/1

    I am surprised at how HORRIBLE this game is. Bomberman has really come a long way. I am glad they stuck with it because it actually became an awesome series (at least the N64 games rocked). This game though… Ugly, boring, slow.

  • Bomberman II - 1/1

    The improvement from the first to the second is exceptional. Even though it has the same irritating gameplay I commend them for showing such improvement!

  • Bonk’s Adventure - 1/1

    The controls, although responsive, are super awkward. The way he moves when he “head dives” is just weird, and the way spamming the dive button makes you stop diving and spinning… Wtf? However, like all things, you can get used to it and the game has a following. I bet it’s pretty good if you give it a good 30 min.

  • Boulder Dash - 1/1

    Boring puzzle gameplay, but how can I complain? When this game came out in 198X or whatever it was probably pretty original and maybe even fun. The controls are tight, the graphics are pleasant, how can I give it a 0?

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