NES AtoZ 81: Image Fight, Immortal, Impossible Mission II, Incredible Crash Dummies, Indiana Jones

Image Fight – 1/1


I had Image Fight as a kid and the name never made any sense. I remember being a really big fan of the music, but playing again now I am not so sure why. The game itself is pretty slick for a shooter of the era. It’s cool that you can adjust your speed at will. There are two separate upgrade systems, one for your primary gun and a second for your little attached gun turrets which have a stationary and flexible mode. If you get hit in the front of the ship, instead of dying, you just lose your power up. I am always a fan of non-death punishments in games like this.

The difficulty level is pretty high and it should pose a solid challenge to players. If you want to experience an even better version of this game, check it out on the Turbo-Grafx system. It’s basically the same game with better graphics.

The Immortal – 1/1

Electronic ArtsRPG1990

It looks a little bit like a very early version of Diablo doesn’t it? I can definitely see myself playing the hell out of this game as a kid. I would have been staying up real late playing this game in the dark at grandma’s house trying to figure out where that next locked door is.

There seems to be some kind of combat system when you encounter a monster which seemed unwieldy in my short time with this game. I assume there is a method to the madness and it probably ends up being pretty interesting.

Impossible Mission II – 0/1

American Video EntertainmentPlatformer1988

When doing my research for this game I finally realized it isn’t based on the Mission Impossible franchise at all! That’s pretty stupid! So no, this isn’t Tom Cruise (especially since this game came out many years before the Tom Cruise movie.) But for real, the Mission Impossible tv series was in 1966, and then they release this video game called Impossible Mission? Where do they get off? Why aren’t they being zapped by the people who own the real IP? So many questions. How many kids were duped into buying this game based on being fans of Mission Impossible? Or did the series already run it’s course by then and kids of the era didn’t even know anything about it?

Oh the game? It sucks.

Incredible Crash Dummies – 1/1


A late NES entry based on a not-so-popular cartoon show by a very unpopular publisher (LJN). Imagine my surprise when I realized this is a good game! I mean it’s not great, but certainly not bad. You play a unicycle riding dummy navigating pretty complex levels with plenty of verticality. You travel to the right, to the left and up (at least in level 1) while avoiding a variety of obstacles. The controls are pretty slippery but you are on a unicycle so I suppose that is appropriate.

One of the things I enjoy most about this game is when you take a certain number of hits instead of just losing a life you just get knocked a ways back in the level. I think this is functionally very similar to dying and restarting at a checkpoint, but more visceral. Good idea!

Indiana Jones Last Crusade – 0/1


I would need to play this game more to really get a feeling for it. From what I saw in my short time it seems like it has a ton of game. You are making choices between levels with possible branching paths along with at least two different play modes. That is a lot to handle in an NES game! The sliding puzzle might be primitive but it wasn’t horrible to control. The side scrolling gameplay also handles ok with some laugh-inducing animations coming from Indy.

My guests didn’t like this game and we ended up giving it a 0, but I can’t help but wonder how much variety the game really has.

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