NES AtoZ 80: Hydlide, Ice Climber, Ice Hockey, Ikari Warriors Trilogy

Hydlide – 0/1

FCIAction RPG1989

Hydlide is an a pretty old game which came out on a bunch of PCs before every making it to NES. I think it was pretty popular too as a primitive open world action RPG. Even looking back at it now… Zelda is just so much better at doing the same things.

What is the up with the combat? Why not make it interactive instead of just running into enemies like a moron? What’s fun about that? I get that the game is primitive but seriously.

Ice Climber – 1/1


I never played Ice Climber as a kid. I actually never played most of the black box NES games because the box art seemed so lame to me compared to the illustrated covers. It’s a shame because so many of them are awesome! I am always looking for 2-player hidden gems and here is a game that isn’t hidden at all. One of Nintendo’s launch titles!

In this game you play as two eskimo-looking characters who are trying to save vegetables or something from some giant bird. The gameplay consists of jumping up and smashing through platforms in order to reach the top of the mountain and grab the eggplant from the bird. In two-player mode the eskimos have a brutal race!

Try it as a drinking game and report back.

Ice Hockey – 1/1


Sports games! But this one is different, it’s really fun and there aren’t a bunch of stupid menus to navigate and team names to remember and players to draft. All you need to do is choose if you want the skinny, medium or chubby player and go at it. Best hockey game I ever played.

Ikari Warriors III – 1/1

SNKCo-Op Beat’em Up1991

Being vaguely familiar with Ikari Warriors before running into it along my quest. It’s about two badass army dudes who need to take on the whole world just like Contra, Commando, Guerrilla War and probably countless other games. Imagine my surprise (well you can see it in the video) when I found out that you don’t actually get a gun!

That’s right this is actually a beat’em up not a shoot’em up! I would be even more surprised if I played the game in the correct order… Wow what a series this is. The graphics and gameplay of the third installment is certainly the best of the trilogy… despite that I have to say if you are going to play just one, play the second one.

Ikari Warriors – 0/1

SNKCo-Op Shooter1987

The primitive first installment of Ikari Warriors, the graphics suck the controls suck and the music sucks. However you can still see the beginning of an ambitious series. The game is playable and does offer two-player fun so I can’t say I hate it but playing it today is pretty pointless. It is probably the worst of the genre.

Ikari Warriors II – 1/1

SNKCo-Op Shooter1988

Wow what a strange game this is. We got the classic Ikari Warriors but IN SPACE! The graphics are improved, though I am still hesitant to call them good. The gameplay is essentially the same as the previous game except all of the sprites are larger and the whole game moves a big faster. Gamplay-wise it’s unremarkable and there is a ton of flicker.

What is remarkable is all the silly stuff in here like the voice samples! The strange space cantinas which look like they are right out of star wars in which you can challenge random aliens to a duel for “hearts” which I can only assume is money… Don’t even get me started and that strange skeet-shooting mini game. There is just so much strange variety it’s hard to get frustrated.

Of all the Ikari games I think this one is the most fun, mostly just from the novelty factor.

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