• Bram Stoker’s Dracula - 1/1

    It’s a decent platformer with really good animations. The backgrounds could use a bit of interest but I suppose they are going for a creepy nightmare vibe so the drab color scheme makes sense. The first boss was challenging, but didn’t feel unfair. If that trend continues through the whole game this might be a keeper.

  • Break Time: The National Pool Tour - 1/1

    Obviously by todays standards this is a complete yawn festival. But in the Nintendo days, this game would be a pleasure to have. You and your buddies could challenge each other to a game of virtual pool, and as a simulation this is passable.

  • BreakThru - 0/1

    You drive some kind of war tank through a really dangerous road. You have the power to accelerate, break, jump, and fire a cannon. The game showed promise but then midway not the first level I ran into a seemingly impassable barrier. It was a big pile of rubble that killed me if I touched it. I tried to shoot it, jump over it, drive around it. Always death.

  • Bubble Bath Babes - 1/1

    This is one of the rare unlicensed games, sometimes called a “porn game” although it’s pretty far from pornographic. It does have a topless woman at the bottom of the screen washing herself, nipples exposed … Oh sorry, there is gameplay also. Best described as a tetris-style puzzle game, colored bubbled float upward and you need to match the colors to make them pop … or something. Look at the nipples.

  • Bubble Bobble - 1/1

    Me and my friends played the hell out of this when I was a kid. It was an all-night extravaganza during sleep overs. I remember getting to the last boss often with only a handful of extra lives left. The pressure was on, and we rarely won.

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  1. Strahil Yordanov
    Strahil Yordanov says:

    Regarding ‘Breakthru’: you have to accelerate real fast and then jump. Then you’ll be able to jump over that barrier. Also try to jump over the part that is at the lower part of the screen.


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