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  • Dragon Spirit - 1/1

    What a great SHMUP! You play as a man who turns into a dragon and then goes berserk in this fantasy universe. There are two modes of fire, air to air and air to ground which is not super unique, but pretty refreshing. The power ups are fun and I assume it has cool bosses although we never reached any on our five minutes.


  • Dragon Warrior Series - 0/1

    Look, I know Dragon Warrior is a beloved series and it set the stage for hundreds of JRPGs to come. I never played it, I have no nostalgia, compared to games today I consider this pretty unplayable. The graphics are lame, the gameplay is rudimentary at best and I don’t know what the story is. If you want to get a great RPG experience you really should turn to the SNES.


  • Dragons Lair - 0/1

    Man! I watched the Angry Nerd play this and it really did look like shit but I almost didn’t believe it. Well he wasn’t kidding, this game controls like shit. Dirk plays like a bathtub full of tar.


  • Dropzone - 1/1

    I thought “Defender!” as soon as I played it. I was never a big fan of defender for some reason, but I can tell that technically it is a great game. There seems to be more of a point than just shooting your way around like Space Invaders or Galaga. At least you need to save people from aliens. Decent game, even Emily enjoyed it.


  • Duck Hunt - 1/1

    The one thing emulation can’t do… Emulate light gun games. I remember playing the HELL out of Duck Hunt when I was a kid and now I feel like i’ll never be able to play it again.

  • Duck Maze - 1/1

    Your hero duck needs to safety roll his egg down some kind of factory. The egg can only withstand a drop from a certain height without breaking unless it lands on something soft. Enemies will also break your egg if they touch it. I did not find this game very fun, but as a puzzle game, it is passable.


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