Shane and I up to our old tricks: playing video games. Usually we linger in the SNES and MAME library, but I dragged him down into the bowels of NES for a few sessions.

  • Captain Skyhawk - 1/1

    I totally had this confused with Top Gun. The game is decent shoot em up game, except you pilot what can best be described as a water balloon. The controls are very sluggish to say the least. However I think you can get used to them and then I bet this game is very fun.

  • Casino Kid - 1/1

    For a casino game I think this does well. There appears to be some over world which I obviously didn’t explore, but it looked nice. The blackjack simulator was excellent and of course the Martingale system wins again.

  • Casino Kid 2 - 1/1

    I really half-assed the Martingale on this game because I was too busy messing around. This game seems very similar to the last one, but with the drama cranked up to eleven.

  • Castelion - 0/1

    The idea is awesome. A side-scolling platformer going up and around a tower? Love it. I loved it in Ghosts and Goblins, and I loved it in Battletoads. Where those games succeeded, this game fails. Starting with the malicious “fake” block three steps from your initial spawn point, this game does nothing but antagonize.

  • Castle of Deceit - 1/1

    The box art is very misleading, and the game is remarkably mediocre. It has some promise however. You move to the right, and to the left. The controls are decent. The second level looks very different from the first. The boss fight was top down view so there is plenty of variety. I give it a pass. But like Shane said, if you got this for Christmas and your friend got Castlevania… I understand why you are depressed.

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