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Tokaido Crossroads Guide for Expert Travelers

Tokaido was one of the first board games I purchased when I started my transition from Magic the Gathering to tabletop gaming. My collection started humbly with Coup, Love Letter, Sushi Go and Tokaido. I started by watching every episode of TableTop on youtube and Tokaido was the game that caught my attention the most. […]

Sushi Go 1v1 Variant – Grid Drafting

This is a well tested 1v1 drafting variant for Sushi Go (and Sushi Go Party) which creates meaningful interplay between the two players. I originally learned this method of drafting during my Magic the Gathering days though I am not sure where it originated. Set Up: Divide all of the Sushi Go cards into twelve […]


The Secret is Out: Secrets Sucks

My mouth was watering for Secrets the second I heard about it. This is a joint effort from two well-known board game designers Eric Lang and Bruno Fiadutti. Eric Lang’s Blood Rage is one of my favorite games and I am all in on his new big thing: Rising Sun which looks even better. Bruno […]