First let me say I am very sorry the NES games have no sound. I messed with some setting mid recording and I must have messed up something and the machine audio did not record. It’s very frustrating, specifically in this episode because we pay special attention to the music of Captain Comic… Wont happen again, or your money back!

  • Caltron 6 in 1 - 1/1

    I am still reeling from the pain of playing Action 52 so I certainly didn’t have high hopes for another one of these silly “in 1” carts. What a pleasant surprise! I played two of the games. One was a joust, or balloon fight clone which played fine. The other was a side scrolling shooter and it also looked and played fine. Great variety!

  • Capcom’s Gold Medal Challenge 92 - 0/1

    The graphics are cute. Forgot to add fun though.

  • Captain America and the Avengers - 1/1

    I have seen this game reviews by AVGN and Pat the Punk and I remember them both being pretty negative. Most of the negativity seems to be when you actually try to beat the game. Lot’s of backtracking and annoying deaths etc. For the short time we played it, it seems totally great. You only get to play as two of the four avengers though so the title and box art are pretty misleading.

  • Captain Comic: The Adventure - 1/1

    Solid platformer with excellent music. Sorry you can’t hear it! Not much to say, it speaks for itself.

  • Captain Planet and the Planeteers - 0/1

    This game has been the biggest let down of my entire quest so far. I have only fond memories of the Captain Planet cartoon. This game is a half-assed side scrolling shooter! WHAT?!!?!? I mean I vaguely remember the planenteers in some kind of airplane, but how could you make that the first level? How could you not introduce ANY characters? Horrible game.

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