• Burai Fighter - 1/1

    Inventive shooter! You play a little astronaut with a rifle, you can shoot in 8 directions with the ability to lock your bullet trajectory. There are at least three power ups. Unfortunately I was unable to beat the first level. If I had this game as a kid, I can imagine taking it very seriously.

  • Burger Time - 1/1

    Pretty sure this is a classic arcade game and this NES port feels like a solid port. The gameplay is intense and original, and the game is hard as nails. The only issue I have with NES arcade ports is they don’t save your high score after a shut down. What is the point of playing arcade games if you can’t get a score up there?

  • Cabal - 0/1

    I appreciate what the game is trying to do, but the control is impossible! Even after 5 minutes of playing I am still not sure how I throw a grenade. Walking and aiming are controlled by the same input, so if you want to shoot left, you have to walk left. So what happens is you get chased to the left side of the screen by a barrage of bullets, pinned there, totally unable to kill the enemies because if you try to aim at them you run right into their fire! It’s a fail.

  • Caesar’s Palace - 0/1

    Ask yourself “How do you fuck up a casino game?” Well, you create a horrible interface for managing bets and totally remove all of the fun. Consider playing a different casino game. Hopefully the upcoming Casino Kid series will be better.

  • California Games - 0/1

    I remember hating this game as a child. The game is full of 6 mini games, at least two of which are horrible. Judging from my tingling spider sense, I am willing to bet they are all horrible.

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