Anticipation – 1/1

Anticipation is hilarious and fun. Things are drawn on the screen, and you need to buzz in and guess what they are before anyone else does. Why is it funny? Well, not only because Video Cassette was one of the images, but also because it was in the “science” category. I checked if this is a 4-player compatible game … very unfortunately, it is not.

Arch Rivals Basketbrawl – 0/1

Pretty funny visuals, but the game sucks. Like most sports games though, we can’t be sure if it really sucks, or if I just hate sports games.

Archon – 1/1

Archon is an old computer game, and when I say old I mean 1983. It was ported to nearly every platform in it’s day and it is a popular strategy board game. Imagine chess, but when a piece attempts to take another piece they actually enter an combat arena and players control the action. Winner stays on the spot. Part strategy, part skill.

Arkanoid – 0/1

I guess this game needed some kind of stupid controller to be playable. I find that very VERY stupid since the only controls needed are “left” and “right.” If this game cost even a dime more than any standard NES game because of the perceived “value” of getting some esoteric peripheral then I hoped it bombed badly.

Arkista’s Ring – 1/1

Plays like Zelda but with very clearly defined level progression. The first couple of levels were a boring affair, but I can certainly see the potential. The control was nice, the sound was fine. The game is adequate.

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