The Flintstones Surprise at Dinosaur Peak - 1/1

Few people have played this game outside of the emulation world. It has always been very rare, as it allegedly only available as a rental from Blockbuster (not sure who thought that was a better idea than just releasing it). Now it fetches prices as high as $1000 on the after market.

The game itself? Pretty great! Once we figured out that you can toggle between Fred and Barney an entire world opened up. The game plays a bit like the Lost Vikings if you have ever played that. both Fred and Barney have unique abilities you must use to complete the levels, I am assuming later in the game multiple paths might be available adding some replay value.


Does something look like fun? You want to check it out for yourself? There is nothing stopping you! Emulating these games is easier than ever. If you are a Mac user, go download OpenEmu right now. If you are a Windows user just go get FCEUX NES emulator. All you need now is the games.


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