I would like to introduce all of you fellow Max user to the greatest emulator on the market. A group of very talented developers created the application OpenEmu.


OpenEmu is a multi-emulator front-end that has an interface similar to iTunes and it can emulate pretty much any game you could hope for. Look on the left panel on this image. Just look at all those systems! What the hell is a WonderSwan!? Find out by downloading some roms and checking it out!



Installing OpenEmu is easy just go to OpenEmu.org and use the download button. But make sure you click on the little arrow and get the experimental build. You will need the experimental build to emulate some of the less “stable” consoles, as well as MAME, don’t worry they all work fine.

oe-experimental1 oe-experimental2


Installing games is easy! You drag pretty much anything into the game panel and OpenEmu will know what it is. You don’t even need to unzip the games. I have tested at least 80% of the consoles and they have all worked. Sometimes OpenEmu will get the art for the game automatically, other times you may need to drag and drop some art on the blank games but even that is easy as can be. If you need help downloading games, please check out my emulation game downloading guide. If you want to see OpenEmu in action you can check out my NES AtoZ series.

Get to Work

There you have it, it couldn’t be easier to play all the game you grew up with. OpenEmu makes it easy to play the classics, and it even makes the interface look good. If you need any additional help getting anything going you an contact the developers directly in the OpenEmu IRC channel on freenode. What are you waiting for?

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  1. Pawel
    Pawel says:

    On Mac, start OpenEmu, go to “Arcade” section right-click on any rom there, click “Show in Finder”. Copy qsound.zip to the same location.

  2. Jimmy
    Jimmy says:

    How do I access this console? Trying to get Street Fighter Alpha 3 running on OpenEMU/MAME. Got a few BIOSes and the ROM, but it won’t launch and gives no error message. Thanks!

    • Alex Krasny
      Alex Krasny says:

      Console is an application on your computer. Search for “Console” and then open it. Try to run street fighter and see what the error message is.

  3. Fede
    Fede says:

    Hello, looking more and try to swim can do mame games, which are the most nostalgic say. There will be way to pass me those files bios or spend some link where I can download them? Thanks very good post I walk the playstation!

    • AlexKrasny
      AlexKrasny says:

      If you know the name of the bios you need, you can visit this link to get them: archive.org/download/MAME_0.149_ROMs/MAME_0.149_ROMs.zip/


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