So I got my PS4 and the first impressions were not great. Not that I am thinking that Xbox One is any better… I really just think consoles are trash now, and big developers are just making fat stacks exploiting us pathetic customers. Thankfully I purchased my PS4 second hand, so at least I can take solace in the fact that Sony didn’t make that money…

Something I didn’t mention in the video, because I didn’t realize it until some weeks later. There is a feature called “Players Met” which also existed on Xbox360. It is a list of the recent players you played with online, you can send them messages and even friend them. Well this feature on PS4 just DOESN’T FUCKING WORK. So it’s pretty much impossible to meet people on PS4 thanks to this… What am I supposed to do? Keep a fucking notebook next to me so I can jot down “PoleSmoker420Blazit” and send this player a “good game” later? What a joke.

Also why the hell does the feature still exist if it doesn’t work? I mean the system has been out for over 2 fucking years they haven’t fixed it yet? They don’t even have the self respect to REMOVE IT so people like me don’t rage about it two years later?

You are so pathetic Sony.

  • Excite Bike - 1/1

    It’s a classic. The game couldn’t be any more simple, but the fun is truly stand out. Actually I take it back, it could be more simple, they could have opted NOT to put in the super fun track builder! Making your own tracks for your friends to play on is just awesome.


  • Exodus - 0/1

    I confirmed what I said in the video, this game is indeed a Boulder Dash clone. Which isn’t bad I guess, just bland. The game is just pretty boring. I have to admit the little Bible quiz in between levels was the highlight.


  • F-117A Stealth Fighter - 0/1

    The only good flight simulator is an ULTRA REALISTIC flight simulator. The NES isn’t capable of ultra-realism therefor this is a terrible game.


  • F-15 Strike Eagle - 0/1

    I wish so badly this was just a SHMUP but it’s just the same lump of coal as F-117. Easy 0.


  • Family Feud - 1/1

    You know there is a distinct trend of TV show games being very awesome on NES. Anticipation was great back in the A, Double Dare was fun and Family Feud is super fun! I have actually played this a few more times offline because it’s so great. I can’t even wait to play Wheel of Fortune!


  • Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy - 0/1

    This Dizzy guy, he really gets around. I keep seeing him on Sega Genesis, Master System, I am sure the dumb egg even got himself into GameBoy. It’s pretty much a boring point-and-click adventure game. Give it a pass.


Play Along!

Does something look like fun? You want to check it out for yourself? There is nothing stopping you! Emulating these games is easier than ever. If you are a Mac user, go download OpenEmu right now. If you are a Windows user just go get FCEUX NES emulator. All you need now is the games.



First thing’s first. You need to download yourself the emulators you want. If you are using a Mac, look no further than OpenEmu. If you are on Windows I am afraid I can’t be of much help.


8 and 16 Bit Consoles

This includes consoles and handhelds like Sega Master System, Genesis, NES, SNES, Turbo Grafx 16, Gameboy, Gameboy Advanced and a few others.

There is nothing hard about playing these roms. You can simply google “Whatever NES Rom Download” and get the file. You will probably be directed to Romnation, Coolrom or Emuparadise. Those sites are fine, although if you want to save yourself a bunch of trouble you might want to download the No-Intro collection from ( You can download the whole torrent file, or browse the collection and download the specific titles you want.

If you are dealing with roms from sources other than the No-Intro-Collection you probably want to make sure to get roms that have the suffix (U) for United States and (!) for verified good. Sometimes it’s fun to dabble in (E) European games as some of them never saw US release.


MAME roms (arcade games) are a special case. Before you can play many of the games you need to download and install some device roms and bios files. Think of these as circuit boards you need to install. Namco games like Pac Man, for example, require the Namco boards to be installed in your “machine.” NeoGeo games like Metal Slug require the NeoGeo hardware. Here are all the bios I currently have installed:

Device Roms


Bios Files

That is not an comprehensive list, but I have been trying tons of games so this is a good start. Search for those, download them and drag them.

If a game doesn’t work, chances are it’s because you are missing one or more of these bios files. Figuring out what you need might take some googling.

If you are on Mac and using OpenEmu, you can use to determine what it is. Just open Console, open the rom that doesn’t work and read the error message. Here is a message I generated as an example trying to play Battle Toads without the right bios installed:

OpenEmuHelperApp[856]: MAME: Audit failed with output:
btoads : bsmt2000.bin (8192 bytes) – NOT FOUND (bsmt2000)

As you can see, bsmt2000.bin was not found. Once bsmt2000 is installed the game will run no problem.

I don’t know how or what is going on from a legal standpoint but just has every game. You can download every MAME rom in a huge 42GB file, or you can browse the collection using this link:

Once there, you can just search for any ROM you want. Make sure to download all of the bios files listen above. MAME roms don’t always have obvious names. If you are having trouble figuring out what to download search for your game on MameDB to figure out it’s filename. For example the game Battle Cross is called


Playstation is another special case that requires bios files to run. You will need to download and install: scph5500.bin, scph5501.bin and scph5502.bin. The last one is pretty hard to find (I never could get one that works) but you can instead download scph5552.bin and rename it scph5502.bin and it seems to be the same. Here is the official page of required bios files.

I would link to them to make it easy for you but the links for these things are kinda … sketchy. They are often down, look disgusting, or unreliable so it might take you a bit of effort to find reliable downloads. The good news is once you get them installed, PSX emulation is pretty much flawless.

When you download a PSX game you will need to unzip it. Inside that folder is probably going to be one .cue file and one or a bunch of .bin files. You only need to drag the .cue file into OpenEmu and the PSX game should show up.


Have fun exploring all the games you might have missed, and replaying all your childhood favorites. There are many other games and other systems out there and some require some hoop jumping and I am not equipped to write guides for them all. If you want to dig deeper you can try asking me, but i can’t be sure I can help.


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Links of Interest

I would like to introduce all of you fellow Max user to the greatest emulator on the market. A group of very talented developers created the application OpenEmu.


OpenEmu is a multi-emulator front-end that has an interface similar to iTunes and it can emulate pretty much any game you could hope for. Look on the left panel on this image. Just look at all those systems! What the hell is a WonderSwan!? Find out by downloading some roms and checking it out!



Installing OpenEmu is easy just go to and use the download button. But make sure you click on the little arrow and get the experimental build. You will need the experimental build to emulate some of the less “stable” consoles, as well as MAME, don’t worry they all work fine.

oe-experimental1 oe-experimental2


Installing games is easy! You drag pretty much anything into the game panel and OpenEmu will know what it is. You don’t even need to unzip the games. I have tested at least 80% of the consoles and they have all worked. Sometimes OpenEmu will get the art for the game automatically, other times you may need to drag and drop some art on the blank games but even that is easy as can be. If you need help downloading games, please check out my emulation game downloading guide. If you want to see OpenEmu in action you can check out my NES AtoZ series.

Get to Work

There you have it, it couldn’t be easier to play all the game you grew up with. OpenEmu makes it easy to play the classics, and it even makes the interface look good. If you need any additional help getting anything going you an contact the developers directly in the OpenEmu IRC channel on freenode. What are you waiting for?

Playing arcade games through an emulator isn’t the same as really playing them. Knowing you only have 15 quarters left in your pocket and every single life counts is a thrill that doesn’t exist when there is an “insert coin” button. That is why I imposed a $5 limit on myself, that is often how much money my parents would give me when they let me loose in an arcade during my childhood.

How deep into the classic Mortal Kombat can I get with only $5? Watch and find out!