• Excite Bike - 1/1

    It’s a classic. The game couldn’t be any more simple, but the fun is truly stand out. Actually I take it back, it could be more simple, they could have opted NOT to put in the super fun track builder! Making your own tracks for your friends to play on is just awesome.


  • Exodus - 0/1

    I confirmed what I said in the video, this game is indeed a Boulder Dash clone. Which isn’t bad I guess, just bland. The game is just pretty boring. I have to admit the little Bible quiz in between levels was the highlight.


  • F-117A Stealth Fighter - 0/1

    The only good flight simulator is an ULTRA REALISTIC flight simulator. The NES isn’t capable of ultra-realism therefor this is a terrible game.


  • F-15 Strike Eagle - 0/1

    I wish so badly this was just a SHMUP but it’s just the same lump of coal as F-117. Easy 0.


  • Family Feud - 1/1

    You know there is a distinct trend of TV show games being very awesome on NES. Anticipation was great back in the A, Double Dare was fun and Family Feud is super fun! I have actually played this a few more times offline because it’s so great. I can’t even wait to play Wheel of Fortune!


  • Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy - 0/1

    This Dizzy guy, he really gets around. I keep seeing him on Sega Genesis, Master System, I am sure the dumb egg even got himself into GameBoy. It’s pretty much a boring point-and-click adventure game. Give it a pass.


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