I have fallen in love with these SHMUPS lately. Look out for more of them in this series. I feel like there is something so zen and relaxing about just dodge bullets. It’s nothing but me, the bullets and my finger movements. But can I handle this hardball game with only 20 credits!?

This game actually has more of a story than most shooters. Something about telekinetic children that have to fend off some kind of military invasion by an equally powerful telekinetic overlord. It takes place in a futuristic version of Japan I think… The setting and concept are all very much like the anime classic Akira.

There is a selection of three child prodigies and they all have slightly different firing patterns. One of the buttons fires some sort of special spray which recharge relatively quickly and the three characters aim this in different ways as well. Like many of these bullet hell games, you have a special attack which makes you invulnerable and fires a massive beam for a limited time.

If you hold down the primary fire button for a little over a second your character slows down, which might sound like it’s bad, but it’s actually great. Moving very slowly and precisely is exactly what you need much of the time. If you simply let up off the fire button you regain your max speed. It’s actually a very awesome mechanic and surprisingly easy to get used to compared to something like an actually speed change button.

I will admit I had lots of practice playing this game, although usually when I play these I only put in 1 credit because all of the top score are always called 1-Credit-Clear. Although I am not EVEN CLOSE to a 1CC, it seems like the way to play it, so I am good at the first couple of levels and then I sort of lose it. That being said, I had a pretty easy time beating this game on 20 credits.

Enjoy my run and let me know what you think about this game! If you want to see me try another game, leave me a comment.

  • Fire’n Ice - 1/1

    I am not a huge fan of puzzle games but I know a good one when I see one. Fire and Ice has exceptional graphics and sound on top of the innovative gameplay. I do not recall ever playing a puzzle game like this before, and I had a decent time. This probably would have been a pretty fun game to own and mess around with every now and then.


Does something look like fun? You want to check it out for yourself? There is nothing stopping you! Emulating these games is easier than ever. If you are a Mac user, go download OpenEmu right now. If you are a Windows user just go get FCEUX NES emulator. All you need now is the games.


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  • Fester’s Quest - 1/1

    Even though this game was eviscerated by the AVGN I didn’t find anything to offensive about it. Sure the way the upgraded gun shoots in a sign-wave making it impossible to hit anything in a runnel is annoying. You know what else is annoying? Getting hit by birds in Ninja Gaiden and Castlevania and falling into a pit, but those games are still good. They even got the actual theme song which is more than I can say for most licensed garbage. We didn’t play too much but the inventory looks pretty deep and I am curious what all the items are used for. Wouldn’t mind playing more.


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Does something look like fun? You want to check it out for yourself? There is nothing stopping you! Emulating these games is easier than ever. If you are a Mac user, go download OpenEmu right now. If you are a Windows user just go get FCEUX NES emulator. All you need now is the games.


I have been considering getting one of these babies for probably about two years but I was always too scared. My main concern was if I could perform with this stick as well as I can with a controller. After all I have twenty years of practice playing with a controller. Well it was my birthday and I got it for myself! The verdict? A resounding 1/1. I have never felt better playing the arcade games of my childhood. Yes it will take me a long time to reach the same skill level I have with a controller but I will get there. The nostalgia is too strong.


There are some hardcore gamers who will ask questions like “What kind of stick technology does it use?” That conversation is way over my head. You can read all about that on I can say this uses a US stick which is a “Happ” model characterized by a long pear-shaped stick and convex buttons. Some people prefer the asian-influenced round-knob sticks and concave buttons. I grew up with US arcade games and this makes me feel the most nostalgic.

The product itself feels amazingly solid. If I dropped this on the ground I would only be moderately concerned that I broke it. It weighs about 5 lb and sits on a desk very firmly. The stick is firm and springs back to centers nicely and the buttons make excellent clicking sounds. There are 8 face buttons, 2 side pinball buttons, a power button and a start button. My model shipped with a USB adapter but they do not ALL SHIP WITH THAT! Make sure you know what adapters you are getting, they cost extra.


In my video you can see me test the stick on a variety of MAME-emulated games. The joystick is 100% plug and play on OSX. The system simply treats it as a USB keyboard. You go to map your buttons and the joystick inputs some random keys and the game is ready to rock. Of course it works great on Windows and a variety of consoles as well. If you are considering getting an arcade stick, I think this is an excellent bet.



  • Excite Bike - 1/1

    It’s a classic. The game couldn’t be any more simple, but the fun is truly stand out. Actually I take it back, it could be more simple, they could have opted NOT to put in the super fun track builder! Making your own tracks for your friends to play on is just awesome.


  • Exodus - 0/1

    I confirmed what I said in the video, this game is indeed a Boulder Dash clone. Which isn’t bad I guess, just bland. The game is just pretty boring. I have to admit the little Bible quiz in between levels was the highlight.


  • F-117A Stealth Fighter - 0/1

    The only good flight simulator is an ULTRA REALISTIC flight simulator. The NES isn’t capable of ultra-realism therefor this is a terrible game.


  • F-15 Strike Eagle - 0/1

    I wish so badly this was just a SHMUP but it’s just the same lump of coal as F-117. Easy 0.


  • Family Feud - 1/1

    You know there is a distinct trend of TV show games being very awesome on NES. Anticipation was great back in the A, Double Dare was fun and Family Feud is super fun! I have actually played this a few more times offline because it’s so great. I can’t even wait to play Wheel of Fortune!


  • Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy - 0/1

    This Dizzy guy, he really gets around. I keep seeing him on Sega Genesis, Master System, I am sure the dumb egg even got himself into GameBoy. It’s pretty much a boring point-and-click adventure game. Give it a pass.


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Does something look like fun? You want to check it out for yourself? There is nothing stopping you! Emulating these games is easier than ever. If you are a Mac user, go download OpenEmu right now. If you are a Windows user just go get FCEUX NES emulator. All you need now is the games.


  • Dynablaster - 1/1

    I guess this is just the European version of Bomberman 2. This game is 3-players all of the time and there doesn’t seem to be any other way to play it. The gameplay is the same except a third player stands around like a sore thumb… Unless you have a multitap. Anyway, the gameplay is as good as before.


  • Dynowarz - 1/1

    I’ve never heard of this game before but it has robot dinosaurs. So right off the bat it’s going to hard to mess this up. I am happy to say, this game did not disappoint. There are actually two different game modes. In one you are the pilot dodging bullets, in the second you pilot a giant robotic T-Rex! Badass.


  • Elevator Action - 0/1

    I have always known of this game, but I have never played it. it sucks. I guess you are trying to work your way down this giant building. It isn’t fun.


  • Eliminator Boat Duel - 1/1

    Now we are talking! It’s a competitive combat speedboat game. Rock and roll! There are even two different gameplay types (side view and from behind view). The music is sweet too.


  • LEmpereur - 0/1

    Another one of those slow turn-based historical war games. Five minutes isn’t enough time to even scratch the surface of this monster. Problem is, who is ever going to play this anymore? Go play Civilization 5.


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Does something look like fun? You want to check it out for yourself? There is nothing stopping you! Emulating these games is easier than ever. If you are a Mac user, go download OpenEmu right now. If you are a Windows user just go get FCEUX NES emulator. All you need now is the games.



First thing’s first. You need to download yourself the emulators you want. If you are using a Mac, look no further than OpenEmu. If you are on Windows I am afraid I can’t be of much help.


8 and 16 Bit Consoles

This includes consoles and handhelds like Sega Master System, Genesis, NES, SNES, Turbo Grafx 16, Gameboy, Gameboy Advanced and a few others.

There is nothing hard about playing these roms. You can simply google “Whatever NES Rom Download” and get the file. You will probably be directed to Romnation, Coolrom or Emuparadise. Those sites are fine, although if you want to save yourself a bunch of trouble you might want to download the No-Intro collection from ( You can download the whole torrent file, or browse the collection and download the specific titles you want.

If you are dealing with roms from sources other than the No-Intro-Collection you probably want to make sure to get roms that have the suffix (U) for United States and (!) for verified good. Sometimes it’s fun to dabble in (E) European games as some of them never saw US release.


MAME roms (arcade games) are a special case. Before you can play many of the games you need to download and install some device roms and bios files. Think of these as circuit boards you need to install. Namco games like Pac Man, for example, require the Namco boards to be installed in your “machine.” NeoGeo games like Metal Slug require the NeoGeo hardware. Here are all the bios I currently have installed:

Device Roms


Bios Files

That is not an comprehensive list, but I have been trying tons of games so this is a good start. Search for those, download them and drag them.

If a game doesn’t work, chances are it’s because you are missing one or more of these bios files. Figuring out what you need might take some googling.

If you are on Mac and using OpenEmu, you can use to determine what it is. Just open Console, open the rom that doesn’t work and read the error message. Here is a message I generated as an example trying to play Battle Toads without the right bios installed:

OpenEmuHelperApp[856]: MAME: Audit failed with output:
btoads : bsmt2000.bin (8192 bytes) – NOT FOUND (bsmt2000)

As you can see, bsmt2000.bin was not found. Once bsmt2000 is installed the game will run no problem.

I don’t know how or what is going on from a legal standpoint but just has every game. You can download every MAME rom in a huge 42GB file, or you can browse the collection using this link:

Once there, you can just search for any ROM you want. Make sure to download all of the bios files listen above. MAME roms don’t always have obvious names. If you are having trouble figuring out what to download search for your game on MameDB to figure out it’s filename. For example the game Battle Cross is called


Playstation is another special case that requires bios files to run. You will need to download and install: scph5500.bin, scph5501.bin and scph5502.bin. The last one is pretty hard to find (I never could get one that works) but you can instead download scph5552.bin and rename it scph5502.bin and it seems to be the same. Here is the official page of required bios files.

I would link to them to make it easy for you but the links for these things are kinda … sketchy. They are often down, look disgusting, or unreliable so it might take you a bit of effort to find reliable downloads. The good news is once you get them installed, PSX emulation is pretty much flawless.

When you download a PSX game you will need to unzip it. Inside that folder is probably going to be one .cue file and one or a bunch of .bin files. You only need to drag the .cue file into OpenEmu and the PSX game should show up.


Have fun exploring all the games you might have missed, and replaying all your childhood favorites. There are many other games and other systems out there and some require some hoop jumping and I am not equipped to write guides for them all. If you want to dig deeper you can try asking me, but i can’t be sure I can help.

  • Color a Dinosaur - 1/1

    It’s difficult to call this a game, but it’s also hard to give it a bad score. The game certainly delivers exactly what it promises. You get to color a dinosaur, and the interface is about as good as Nintendo will allow.

  • Commando - 1/1

    Very disappointing 2-player mode. Who even came up with this whole “taking turns” idea when a game obviously begs for cooperative play? other than that I don’t have many complaints. it’s a solid top-down shooter, very … “Contra” but a little different.

  • Conan - 0/1

    What a disappointment! I come looking for a badass action fantasy and instead I get a half-assed Prince of Persia clone. Down makes you jump. What more do I need to say? Ok, i’ll add some more just for fun. The gameplay is trash, the graphics are bad and the hero is meek.

  • Conflict - 0/1

    I am generally fond of turn based strategy games. I mean, I love Chess, Civilization, Final Fantasy Tactics… The problem is the interface. If it’s bad, the whole game is bad. I don’t doubt that Conflict has deep strategic gameplay, but I can’t imagine sitting through enough of this game to find it.

  • Conquest of the Crystal Palace - 1/1

    How badly did this game wish it was called Conquest of the Crystal CASTLE? Why would you blow a chance for such magnificent alliteration? That one mistake aside, I loved this game! It played like a very capable action platformer and it foreshadowed a money/store system. I enjoyed it so much I even went back and played it a little more after the video.

I have new thumbnail art on my youtube video! Also I have some new ideas for my next video so stay tuned. ENJOY!

  • Chubby Cherub - 0/1

    In this side scrolling shooter/platformer hybrid you control an adorable flying naked child on his quest to eat everything in sight. Sounds like a great life. Problem is people start putting out all of these mean guard dogs to stop you! The game is not BAD… It has music, the controls are fine, the graphics are okay… It is just so boring.

  • Circus Caper - 0/1

    It seems like a platformer, but it plays like a bathtub. The controls are so sluggish and unresponsive, the characters acts like he is perpetually in the ice level of Mario 3. I give them props for the whole animated intro store, that is a good touch. It got off to a good start but then turned to shit.

  • City Connection - 1/1

    I expected this to be terrible but I was surprised! It is a unique take on a Pac-Man mechanic. You drive a race car on 4-level highway avoiding police cars and stray cats. The goal is to drive over every piece of black road and turn it white. Cool music, and interesting gameplay.

  • Clash at Demonhead - 1/1

    This game is awesome! It’s like a mix of Megaman, Metroid on a Mario 3 over world map. Clash at Demonhead seems to have a developed store and RPG elements too! Although those are only speculations. The controls are tight and responsive and the music is good so this game is an easy winner. I would even call this a hidden gem.

  • Concentration - 0/1

    Concentration is not really the kind of game anyone plays for fun. It’s a great tool to help children learn about permanence and maybe to develop memory but as a game? I’d rather play Tic Tac Toe. Actually I probably will play that eventually and I am sure that will get a 0 also. I guess… as a drinking game this would be decent.

Here is the thing, I forgot to empty my computer’s trash for about … a year or so. I found out after recording this video that my hard drive only had 4MB left. I think that is the reason the video is choppy toward the end. Luckily the audio is totally fine. I have since emptied my trash and everything should be fine going forward. The show much go on!

  • Chess Master - 1/1

    It’s chess. The controls are tight and reliable. The options seem to go on for days. The tricky part is the game start right into a chess game and the CPU at the start doesn’t seem to have any idea how to play chess. I guess you need to crank it up a bit.

  • Chiller - 0/1

    I guess this is a light gun game, but it just isn’t very fun. I googled it after the playing and the images of what the later levels look like are pretty disturbing… Wtf?

  • Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers - 1/1

    Solid platformed based on a beloved cartoon show! Who doesn’t love chipmunks?

  • Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers II - 1/1

    More of the same, just as good.

  • Christ Evert & Ivan Lendl Tennis - 1/1

    Totally adequate tennis game. Also, confirmed it is Lendl and not Lendi.