Here is the thing, I forgot to empty my computer’s trash for about … a year or so. I found out after recording this video that my hard drive only had 4MB left. I think that is the reason the video is choppy toward the end. Luckily the audio is totally fine. I have since emptied my trash and everything should be fine going forward. The show much go on!

  • Chess Master - 1/1

    It’s chess. The controls are tight and reliable. The options seem to go on for days. The tricky part is the game start right into a chess game and the CPU at the start doesn’t seem to have any idea how to play chess. I guess you need to crank it up a bit.

  • Chiller - 0/1

    I guess this is a light gun game, but it just isn’t very fun. I googled it after the playing and the images of what the later levels look like are pretty disturbing… Wtf?

  • Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers - 1/1

    Solid platformed based on a beloved cartoon show! Who doesn’t love chipmunks?

  • Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers II - 1/1

    More of the same, just as good.

  • Christ Evert & Ivan Lendl Tennis - 1/1

    Totally adequate tennis game. Also, confirmed it is Lendl and not Lendi.

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