NES AtoZ 89: King Neptune‘s Adventure, King of Kings, King’s Knight, King’s Quest V and Kings of the Beach

King Neptune’s Adventure

Color DreamsAdventure1990

The game has a bit of an awkward start, and the graphics on the title screen are a little off-putting. However, once I got into the gameplay I was pleasantly surprised! You control King Neptune on his quest to get the magic pearls back from some evil entity. Simple enough.

It’s easiest to compare this game to Legend of Zelda in how it seems to be structured. You can move up down left and right (except here you are swimming in a side view, rather than overhead perspective). You can seemly go anywhere and begin your quest to find all the collectables you need to progress. Pushing select shows a map of where you are, and your current collection of items, how helpful.

Nothing stood out as remarkably bad. The controls are responsive, although they have that characteristic underwater slipperiness, at least it makes sense here. The music and sound effects are there, and the background for each different environment is distinctive. Although, literally compared to Zelda it isn’t as good, I would have been happy to own this as a kid.

King of Kings – 0/1

Wisdom TreePlatformer1991

I want to hate these Bible Games, but they actually aren’t that bad. At least they are competently developed and playable, which is more than I can say for some other NES games. The problem is they always forget to add the fun. It’s like Tic Tac Toe is a perfectly playable game… But it sucks.

In my gameplay I actually forgot that this game includes 3 different modes: The Wise Men, Flight to Egypt and Jesus and the Temple. I have tried them all off screen and they essentially play and control exactly the same. In the first two you ride on an animal and work your way to the right. The differences being very minor. In Wise Men you ride a camel who can spit, in Flight to Egypt a goat who can kick. In the third Jesus game you do not ride an animal, just run on foot. In all three games you are moving through levels avoiding or dispatching enemies and looking for scrolls. Touching a scroll activates a bible-related trivia question. I think getting it right heals your life bar… But i am not sure.

The games are all extremely playable, but I can’t recommend them.

King’s Knight – 1/1


I’ll shoot you guys straight, this game is near impossible to beat. However most players dipping into it nowadays aren’t going to give it that much effort anyway. As a 5-10 minute experience it’s great fun with plenty of variety!

Essentially this game is a Shoot’em up, but in a fantasy setting. Your heroes are free to travel around their respective landscapes while the screen scrolls forward. Your obvious goal is survival, but you also need to collect artifacts (required to beat the game). Each hero needs to survive, and have the artifacts to get to the final boss. Thankful the manual does actually give you some insight into this.

If you are amazing in this game, I bet it can be beaten in like 10 minutes… However I had this game for my entire childhood and never even figured out what I was supposed to do! I played the hell out of it though.

King’s Quest V – 0/1

KonamiPoint and Click Adventure1990

In my opinion, the NES isn’t a very good place for point and click adventure games. The graphics and sound aren’t good enough to truly build a compelling world, and using the NES controller as a shitty mouse proxy sucks. On top of that you ALWAYS need a guide to even consider playing these…

Yawn. I am lucking only King’s Quest V appears on NES, or else we would have had a real boring set.

Look how awesome it looks on DOS though!

King’s of the Beach – 1/1


It’s a shame I didn’t have a guest helping me this episode because it would have been a ton of fun to play some competitive volleyball! This game is the whole package, starting with the tremendous box art right down to the simply but fun gameplay. Kinda how NBA Jam, NFL Blitz, or Super Dodgeball are playable today even with much better and more realistic sports games out there I think Kings of the Beach is such a gem.

Great control, pleasant graphics, lots of game modes (granted I didn’t explore anything but match player). This is the best volleyball game on NES!

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