NES AtoZ 90: Kirby, Kiwi Kraze, Klashball, Klax, Knight Rider

Kirby’s Adventure – 1/1


I missed Kirby on my first NES ride. Oddly, none of my friends had it, and I never rented it. I have no recollection of even SEEING the game in any capacity. I didn’t get into Kirby until I played Smash Bros and then kinda felt a need to go back and learn where many of these characters came from. My first game was Kirby Super Star on SNES and I loved it!

More recently I went back and played this original classic and it is as good as I expected. Everyone should play this game if you are a retro gamer or collector. This game brings a ton of refreshing content to a typical side scrolling platformer. The infinity jump/fly is original, consuming enemies to steal their powers is exciting and discovering new enemies to eat keeps things interesting. Get it, play it. Kirby’s Adventure is a slam dunk

Kiwi Kraze – 0/1


I learned that this game is also called the New Zealand Adventure. I would consider this a slightly below-average platformer, kinda hard to go to this right after Kirby’s Adventure but here we are. In this game you control a Kiwi bird who is on an adventure to save his/her Kiwi bird friends from cages. I don’t remember any other mechanics that make this game interesting. Other than the fact that “spikes” are super difficult to determine and dying is common.

I think it would be more playable if the color scheme wasn’t so garrish.

Klashball – 0/1


Some kind of futuristic football game set in the future. The concept is pretty sound and I don’t actually hate what they were going for but the issues become pretty obvious early on. The game has a TON of flicker and slowdown which can’t be escaped. There are always too many sprites on screen rendering the game pretty unplayable from the start.

Other than that, I am cool with the perspective. The controls were pretty easy to grasp. I appreciate how the ball has a sense of elevation. But certainly cannot recommend this game.

Klax – 1/1


I don’t know much about the history of Klax other than it appears on Midway Arcade Treasures on Xbox. I played it once or twice on that disk but never got into it much. Keep in mind I am not the world’s biggest Tetris addict or anything, and I would consider this in that line of games. But it’s pretty awesome! It seems that the music is off by default, but if you pause the game and turn it on, it’s the best part of the game!

In the game there is a conveyer belt bringing blocks down of varying colors which you catch on a paddle or some kind of platform. Then you drop them into your container trying to make sets of 3 with the same color. At first it’s super slow and easy, but on harder settings there are more colors than you can handle, and it’s fast. Good brain burner!

Knight Rider – 0/1

AcclaimFirst Person Driving1989

Strong Spyhunter vibes coming from this game, except first person… Which is much worse. Maybe it’s more accurate to say this game is an evolution of Pole Position, but in my opinion that is a genre that should have been put on the shelf until much later in video game history.

In this game you drive the car, Kit (or does the car drive itself? I never watched the show) and kill every other car on the road for no reason! At least I think I am supposed to blow them all up, I don’t seem to have any indication either way. It’s not much fun, and doesn’t look very great. Easy pass.

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