NES AtoZ 83: Ivan‘s Super Off Road, Jack’s Golf, Jackal, Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu, Jackpot

Ivan Stewart’s Super Off Road – 1/1


I played the heck out of this game as a kid and I loved every second of it. The game features great graphics, awesome music (by David Wise), outstanding two-player action and the ability to customize and upgrade your car as you progress.

I don’t know much about Ivan Ironman Stewart, but he picked a good name to attach his name to. It’s a shame I didn’t have a guest on this episode so we could enjoy the great two-player race. But it really is almost as much fun solo. My only complaint, which is only evident by playing this game for a really really long time, is that it has a very lackluster end game. Once you full deck out your car there isn’t much left to do other than win race after race with your ultra-truck…

Oh well, it’s the journey not the destination.

Jack Nichlaus 18 Holes Championship Golf – 0/1


I can’t say much about this game since I hardly played it, and reviewing golf games is pretty tough for me because I don’t know anything about golf. From what I saw, the graphics seemed fine, though unremarkable. I don’t remember what the best golf game is on NES, but this isn’t it.

Jackal – 1/1

KonamiShoot’em Up1986

Now we are talking! Jackal is a very well made shoot’em up game in which you take control of a military jeep tasked with killing all the bad guys in some jungle battlefield. Who cares right? The game controls like all those other run and gun games like Guerrilla War, Ikari Warriors or the top-down scenes in Contra.

Jackal features great graphics with very little flicker or slowdown considering how many moving parts are on each screen. The music is great and keeps the action moving and the controls are right and intuitive. Certainly a game that stands up well today.

Jackie Chan Action Kung Fu – 1/1

HudsonAction Platform1990

This is a very excellent action platformer. The sprites, especially Jackie Chan, are very large which makes this game stand out among other NES platform games of the era. The controls are tight and the music is memorable. It’s a shame I never heard of this game when I was a kid because I would have loved it.

In the game little Jackie progresses from left to right running and jumping while kicking ass and taking names with his signature martial art moves. I think he is trying to save his master or fulfill a prophecy? I didn’t pay much attention to the story, I’ll read up on it next time I play. Which will be soon.

Jackpot – 0/1


This is some boring and ugly casino simulator. Pretend gambling, as a stand-alone gaming mechanic, isn’t something I understand. The fun of gambling is the risk. It isn’t fun to spin a slot machine or see a black jack hand play out if there is nothing on the line.

I suppose some people like them, which is why they are so popular on mobile devices and online… This is the NES equivalent of those and the same people still enjoy them. They probably wouldn’t enjoy this game anyway.

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