NES AtoZ 84: James Bond Jr, Jaws, Jeopardy, Jettsons, & Jimmy Connar’s Tennis

James Bond Jr – 1/1


Based on the James Bond Jr cartoon, you play as the titular James Bond Jr going on a variety of secret missions. These missions take the form of 2D platform expiration in relatively large environments. The game is only three levels long, but the levels are LONG with tons of horizontal and vertical platforming.

Looking at a speedrun it appears the game has some good variety too! You get scuba gear to swim underwater, you get a jetpack to fly around and some kinda of… monkey suit? There is even a safe-cracking mini game in level 2. Check it out!

Jaws – 1/1


It’s hard to classify Jaws. Some of the gameplay takes place on an large overhead map in which you cruise around on your boat and collect items and visit shops but that is mostly just bookkeeping. The real gameplay takes place underwater. You control your little diver with a speargun and you need to defend yourself from a variety of sea creatures, and even Jaws himself. The gameplay is a bit like Defender, in that you an shoot either left or right in a 2D plane, but it is a single non-scrolling screen.

Many people think this is a bad game, but there isn’t too much bad about it. It’s a pretty early NES title so the simplicity is to be expected, but the graphics are nice, the music is good and gameplay-wise it makes perfect sense! I had this game when I was a kid and even though I never beat it, I certainly enjoyed trying.

Jeopardy! – 1/1


Oh these gameshow games are so awesome! Not only because they are fun, but also because of the “timecapsule” factor. They are frozen in time at 1988 (or whatever) and that can lead to some hilarious moments. So far they have all be an absolute blast to play and I keep dreaming of having some kind of NES game night at my house with lots of drinking.

All three of these Jeopardy games are basically the same, and they support 3-players. This works by having players 1 and 3 play on control one with the d-pad acting as player 1’s buzzer and the A and B buttons as player 3’s. Player 2 simply uses controller 2. What a blast that would be!

The gameplay is exactly as you would expect from a Jeopardy game. Alex has the active player choose a category, then a score/difficulty and asks a question. All players get to buzz in and answer. Luckily the “what is” is already written before you answer so you don’t need to waste time typing it. You will, however, have to type your answer correctly! Hard for me.

The Jettsons Cogwell’s Caper – 1/1


Nothing bad about this game! It reminds me of all those other fun cartoon games which tend to be pretty darn good like: Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, Duck Tails, Tail Spin etc… Even James Bond Jr from this very episode of NES AtoZ. Somehow these end up being good games despite feeling like cash ins. Maybe back in the late 80s and early 90s everything wasn’t just a cash in and they actually wanted these games to turn out well.

In this game you control George Jettson in his effort to do something for his boss Cogswell. Doing so involved throwing lots of boxes and crates at a variety of robots, people and animals. Controls are good, throwing boxes is fun and the music is good. Solid game.

Jimmy Connor’s Tennis – 1/1

UbisoftSports – Tennis1993

Even though I generally despise sports and sport games, I really love tennis. Mario Tennis has historically been one of my favorite video games on any console and I remember enjoying many tennis games on PC back when I was in elementary school.

Well this game certainly delivers on the tennis fun! I actually can’t believe how fast and smooth the animation is! I suppose being such a late NES release (1993) they know how to handle the NES hardware like pros and it shows! Although Ubisoft only created two games on the NES so I am surprised they did such a good job with so little practice.

Bottom line, if you are going to own a tennis game on NES, it should probably be this.

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