• Castle of Dragon - 1/1

    Strange title. The game itself plays like the most boring side-scrolling platformer ever created. There doesn’t seem to even be any platforming, you just walk to the right and trade blows with enemies. It reminds me a lot of Kung Fu in play style, except you can’t seem to do anything to prevent yourself from taking damage… Nothing particularly horrible about the game though, it is very playable.

  • Castlequest - 0/1

    Pretty typical puzzle dungeon game. Not sure what else to say… Seemed like a very boring journey.

  • Castlevania - 1/1

    One of the best platformers ever created! This game spawned a massive franchise that will span dozens of consoles and handhelds. Keeping it to the point: awesome music, awesome controls, awesome setting. I pretty much don’t know anyone who didn’t own this game back in the NES days.

  • Castlevania II - 1/1

    The odd-duck of the Castlevania series, this game often gets a bad rap. However it maintains the same music, controls and setting from the original game. The only “mistake” the developers made is innovate a little bit too much by adding towns, a day/night mechanic, and puzzle elements. If done differently, I imagine this game could have been the BEST Castlevania… Unfortunately some bad choices were made, but none of those are evident in the first 5 minutes of gameplay so this game sneaks out with a 1/1.

  • Castlevania III - 1/1

    What happens when you take Castlevania and add three more badass characters? You get Castlevania III. It’s a shame you don’t get to see anything remarkable in the first 5 minutes, but the game offers a ton of variety! You have branching paths which lead to additional characters joining your party. You get a thief that can crawl up walls and hand upside down, a wizard that can collect epic spells, and Alucard himself who fires projectiles as his basic attack and turns into a bat. Pretty much the original X-Men.

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