A review of ME3's Leviathan DLC and a retrospective of the game as a whole.

A review of ME3's Leviathan DLC and a retrospective of the game as a whole.

I recently purchased and played through ME3’s new DLC mission Leviathan. I felt lied to, betrayed, and let down. DLC for Mass Effect 3 needs to be on another level. People have generally already beaten the game and know how everything ends. Extra content that doesn’t effect the ending truly needs to bring some special to the table. Leviathan did not. If I could get my money back for it, I would like to. For my entire Mass Effect experience I have been in “auto-buy” mode. I purchased every single thing they released and I was happy with it, until now.

Mass Effect 2’s DLC packs were amazing at bringing new elements into the game. Lets take a look at the big ones (500-800 Microsoft Points).

Introducing a new playable character is excellent and fun. Bonus points of Kasumi having the totally unique shadow strike skill. This DLC also introduced soldiers with flash bangs, and made flash bangs a selectable bonus skill for the player.

Overlord is a large-scale mission spanning multiple planets and action sequences. There are several original action elements utilizing the hover tank. You perform some platform jumping over lava and fight a giant laser canon. The final piece has Shepard go into a techno/hologram looking space to do some light combat finally leading to an original boss fight.

Lair of the Shadow Broker:
This was the most amazing DLC ever. It was so good I played it twice back to back when I first got it. This mission has you actually take down the shadow broker, which has been something everyone wanted to do for a long time. Liara actually joins your team. There are two epic boss fights. The best part is, once you are finished to get a ton of extra content from the Shadow Broker ship!

This piece was actually a tad weak, however it did have a unique element. Shepard has to do the whole mission solo. This mission also pushed stealth elements more than ever before, and had a “survive for as long as you can” mini segement.

Let’s compare this track record of excellent content with Leviathan: You fight Cerberus or Reapers on five different planets. Then you watch a rather dull conversation/cutscene and gain 400 asset points. There is no lasting content, no change to the ending, no variety added either through new combat or mini games, no epic boss battles. How could they release that for $10 and not feeling guilty?

The failure of this content forced me to think about Mass Effect 3 as a whole. My conclusion is: Mass Effect 3 fell far short of expectations, and it’s own potential. Although I still love the series, I am very disappointed in BioWare for not seeing the game’s shortcomings and addressing them.

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