Things are getting sinister. Mass Effect 3 is coming out and with it a slew of pre-order bonuses and collectors editions all offering exclusive downloadable content. I am actually confused as to what to do to get the best configuration of cost and contnet. Then today I run into this:

Link to BioWare Store

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Mortal Kombat 9 Classic Reptile

I guess this is the new big thing in the video gaming world. Exclusive pre-order content. You know the drill by now. An anticipated game is coming out and everyone wants you to buy it from them. Then some fucking genius had this idea. How about, if a customer pre-orders the game from my retailer, they get bonus content only available with that pre-order? It is a pretty good idea, I remember being VERY happy to pre-order Mass Effect 2 from GameStop and get my free Terminus armor and Singularity Generator. But it’s a double edged sword. I didn’t get the collector’s edition off Amazon or whatever so I didn’t get Collector armor or the Collector rifle. You cannot get all of the bonus content, and you always want all of it because you feel like you have an incomplete game. You have this collector mentality, except you are 100% UNABLE to collect all the pieces. Unless you want to go around pre-ordering the game from everywhere.

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