Mortal Kombat 9 Classic Reptile

I guess this is the new big thing in the video gaming world. Exclusive pre-order content. You know the drill by now. An anticipated game is coming out and everyone wants you to buy it from them. Then some fucking genius had this idea. How about, if a customer pre-orders the game from my retailer, they get bonus content only available with that pre-order? It is a pretty good idea, I remember being VERY happy to pre-order Mass Effect 2 from GameStop and get my free Terminus armor and Singularity Generator. But it’s a double edged sword. I didn’t get the collector’s edition off Amazon or whatever so I didn’t get Collector armor or the Collector rifle. You cannot get all of the bonus content, and you always want all of it because you feel like you have an incomplete game. You have this collector mentality, except you are 100% UNABLE to collect all the pieces. Unless you want to go around pre-ordering the game from everywhere.

Would I prefer if there was no bonus content at all? Well, probably. The most frustrating thing about it is all of the content is made and ready to use. So they already MADE all of it before the game was even released. I would RATHER they not hold anything back and just give me the game full featured. This whole downloadable content thing is a slippery slope as a whole. They can spend time developing “bonus content” and then sell you a game for $60, and then charge you another $10 to unlock bonus content. It’s kinda bullshit.

Recently I purchased Mortal Kombat 9. With this game, all the places you pre-order from grant you a bonus “Klassic Kostume Kode.” Gamestop was offering Scorpion’s costume, GameStop is close to my house and I like Scorpion just fine so I went for it and pre-ordered there. Now the game is out and I have seen all the costumes. I regret getting Scorpion. I wish I had Reptile’s costume.

You see back in MK1, MK2, and MK3 reptile looked just like Scorpion and Sub-Zero. He was a ninja dressed in the traditional Lin Keui outfit. Only when he took his mask off could you see that he was a reptile.

Mortal Kombat 9 Classic Reptile Mortal Kombat 9 Classic Sub-Zero Mortal Kombat 9 Classic Scorpion

As games went on, they kept giving reptile a more reptilian look and pushing him away from the ninja outfit from the early games. I dislike this. I don’t like mindless animals in my fighting games. I prefer reptile to be an intelligent ninja that happens to look like a lizard for whatever reason, not an ACTUAL reptile that hardly resembles a human. His classic costume makes him look like the classic ninja I love. I would only select this costume ever.

So I regret my pre-order at GameStop. Now I am screwed.

FUCK THAT, I said. I went on the hunt.

I found nothing but broken dreams.

First I hit up some forums and offered to trade my Scorpion code for a Reptile code. I was hoping someone was in my position except they want the Scorpion code. Did not get any bites on that one. Then I tried hunting for pirated or shady copies of them. I found a site that promised to give me a code, if I filled out a short survey. Obviously this is virus-ridden spam and I would suffer the consequences of this for years to come but I just saw a glimmer of hope. Maybe, just maybe, if I filled out some surveys and agreed to be spammed for the rest of my life I could get a Reptile costume?

After filling out two stupid, mindless surveys, and skipping past about 30 advertisements that cleverly made it seem like the only way through is by giving away your e-mail address and phone number I got to the end. In the end they asked for my phone number and told me they are going to send me a pin number to confirm I am a real person. Then I had to enter the pin number to the last screen. Reluctantly, I did it. My reward? A $9.99 a monthly subscription to “cooking secrets.” and no Reptile code was given to me! I had to immediately call ATT and have this charge cancelled of course. Fortunately, I had an uncharacteristically good customer support experience from them. I was only on hold for about two minutes, and as soon as I got through all the account confirmation they removed the charge and even put a block on my account so I can’t subscribe to anything else without entering a secret pin first. Great job ATT!

Then I got really desperate and decided I would just buy this costume. I mean how much could it cost? Someone has to be selling this on ebay. People are always looking to make a quick buck. Heck maybe I can even sell my Scorpion code on ebay and break even. I mean this costume can’t cost more than $8 or so can it?

classic reptile costume ebay auction ending with $45

Wow Unreal

So what does that leave me? I huge headache and klassic Scorpion costume code? Just give me the fucking costume! If anyone wants to trade please let me know.

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