I have new thumbnail art on my youtube video! Also I have some new ideas for my next video so stay tuned. ENJOY!

  • Chubby Cherub - 0/1

    In this side scrolling shooter/platformer hybrid you control an adorable flying naked child on his quest to eat everything in sight. Sounds like a great life. Problem is people start putting out all of these mean guard dogs to stop you! The game is not BAD… It has music, the controls are fine, the graphics are okay… It is just so boring.

  • Circus Caper - 0/1

    It seems like a platformer, but it plays like a bathtub. The controls are so sluggish and unresponsive, the characters acts like he is perpetually in the ice level of Mario 3. I give them props for the whole animated intro store, that is a good touch. It got off to a good start but then turned to shit.

  • City Connection - 1/1

    I expected this to be terrible but I was surprised! It is a unique take on a Pac-Man mechanic. You drive a race car on 4-level highway avoiding police cars and stray cats. The goal is to drive over every piece of black road and turn it white. Cool music, and interesting gameplay.

  • Clash at Demonhead - 1/1

    This game is awesome! It’s like a mix of Megaman, Metroid on a Mario 3 over world map. Clash at Demonhead seems to have a developed store and RPG elements too! Although those are only speculations. The controls are tight and responsive and the music is good so this game is an easy winner. I would even call this a hidden gem.

  • Concentration - 0/1

    Concentration is not really the kind of game anyone plays for fun. It’s a great tool to help children learn about permanence and maybe to develop memory but as a game? I’d rather play Tic Tac Toe. Actually I probably will play that eventually and I am sure that will get a 0 also. I guess… as a drinking game this would be decent.

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