I have fallen in love with these SHMUPS lately. Look out for more of them in this series. I feel like there is something so zen and relaxing about just dodge bullets. It’s nothing but me, the bullets and my finger movements. But can I handle this hardball game with only 20 credits!?

This game actually has more of a story than most shooters. Something about telekinetic children that have to fend off some kind of military invasion by an equally powerful telekinetic overlord. It takes place in a futuristic version of Japan I think… The setting and concept are all very much like the anime classic Akira.

There is a selection of three child prodigies and they all have slightly different firing patterns. One of the buttons fires some sort of special spray which recharge relatively quickly and the three characters aim this in different ways as well. Like many of these bullet hell games, you have a special attack which makes you invulnerable and fires a massive beam for a limited time.

If you hold down the primary fire button for a little over a second your character slows down, which might sound like it’s bad, but it’s actually great. Moving very slowly and precisely is exactly what you need much of the time. If you simply let up off the fire button you regain your max speed. It’s actually a very awesome mechanic and surprisingly easy to get used to compared to something like an actually speed change button.

I will admit I had lots of practice playing this game, although usually when I play these I only put in 1 credit because all of the top score are always called 1-Credit-Clear. Although I am not EVEN CLOSE to a 1CC, it seems like the way to play it, so I am good at the first couple of levels and then I sort of lose it. That being said, I had a pretty easy time beating this game on 20 credits.

Enjoy my run and let me know what you think about this game! If you want to see me try another game, leave me a comment.

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