Topics Covered in this Installment of AVDP


  • To Vax or Not to Vax

    We bring my lovely wife Emily on to talk about vaccines. Some people refuse to vaccinate their kids despite the obvious benefits to society. These anti-vaxxers get a bad rap, but are they really so irrational? I put myself in thier shoes and wonder, is it so unreasonable to simply refuse the risk vaccines carry?

    For example the Adenovirus vaccines may cause the following side effects (from

    Mild Problems
    Several mild problems have been reported within 2 weeks of getting the vaccine:
    headaches, upper respiratory tract infection (about 1 person in 3)
    stuffy nose, sore throat, joint pain (about 1 person in 6)
    abdominal pain, cough, nausea (about 1 person in 7)
    diarrhea (about 1 person in 10)
    fever (about 1 person in 100)

    Severe Problems
    More serious problems have been reported by about 1 person in 100, within 6 months of vaccination. These problems included:
    blood in the urine or stool
    inflammation of the stomach or intestines

    Not all of these sound very life-threatening, but the could be and some parents like to play it safe. Should they be FORCED to vaccines?

  • Common Core

    This article does a good job explaining both what Common Core is and why people shouldn’t freak about it on Skeptoid.

    Basically it’s a new methodology for doing basic math. I have noticed a trend of parents posting hateful messages about this saying things like “What is the point of this?” or “What was wrong with math the way we learned it?” It should be obvious a rational person that those responses are both very dangerous when talking about the education system. There are many reasons why education needs to develop with time, rather than teaching things the same way all the time.

  • The Old Catering Scam

    Eric brings us a tale of low-down-dirty scamming. At a wedding the catering company offers a brilliant idea: They will use clickers to measure how many drinks they serve, and then charge the hosts for them. Seems like a pretty decent idea since you aren’t paying for 80 bottles when you only needed 60.

    What’s the catch? The catch is, the caterers clear the tables and steal everyone’s drinks the second they turn their backs, encouraging people to go get a “free refill” from the bar. People don’t think twice, and the bill skyrockets! Keep your eyes peeled for this nonsense!

  • Peeple, Yelp for People

    Here is a new app idea making the rounds, Peeple. I guess it’s an online people review site where seemingly anyone can leave anyone a review. It might not be anything more than a hoax as of now, and me and Eric already found a bunch of serious flaws in the system, if it was real.

    But let’s a assume it does happen, how will this change our lives? Or will it matter at all?


  • Play DOS Games! is hosting all of the DOS games, playable in the browser!

  • Reply All Podcast

    Look up “Reply All” in your podcast app, and LISTEN TO REPLY ALL! It’s my favorite podcast.

Flying Dragon the Secret Scroll - 1/1

My first experience with this game was watching Chief Arino play it, and it looked pretty sweet. I actually tried it out for a couple of hours after watching that GCCX episode and it was as fun as I expected. I think I got to level 3 before throwing in the towel. It’s a shame we didn’t beat level one in our first sitting, in between levels you fight in a martial arts tournaments and it’s pretty innovative.


Does something look like fun? You want to check it out for yourself? There is nothing stopping you! Emulating these games is easier than ever. If you are a Mac user, go download OpenEmu right now. If you are a Windows user just go get FCEUX NES emulator. All you need now is the games.