• Blades of Steel - 1/1

    This Konami published hockey game was super popular among the young Minnesotans of my childhood. I was never big into hockey, but my friends sure were and they played it all the time. Pretty sure the fist fighting is the best part of the game. When two players get into a tussle you actually enter a 1v1 battle mode to determine who wins the puck.

  • Blaster Master - 1/1

    I actually owned this game and I attempted to beat it often but I never could. I think I always got stuck on level 4 and ran out of lives. The game has no save or password system so you need to beat it in one sitting, which is pretty insane. I am pretty sure getting to level 4 and losing took me at least 3 hours in my childhood. Anyway, the game is fun and the music rocks. It’s a classic.

  • The Blue Marlin - 0/1

    It’s stupid of me to ask why they make fishing simulation games. There is probably a game for everything and it’s hard for me to say there shouldn’t be. That being said, this game sucks.

  • Blue Shadow - 1/1

    If you watched my video first, I was SURE I played this game before. That is because Blue Shadow is the European version of Yami no Shigotonin Kage, which in American was translated to Shadow of the Ninja. So there you go. Same game, three domains, three different names. That being said, this game is fun and awesome. I will be surprised if I find a ninja game I don’t like on NES.

  • The Blues Brothers - 0/1

    The graphics looks nice but the game didn’t deliver. I got stuck early in the first level not having any idea what to do. I tried to go all the way to the right and then all the way to the left. Both didn’t provide a way to proceed. I suppose if I knew what to do this might be a fun game, but I have a hard time this would compare favorably to other classic platformers.

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