Action 52 – 0/1

There are 52 games and they all get 0/1. Granted I only played like 3 of them, I watch both the Angry Nerd and Pat the Punk play all of the games. This game is all bad.

Addam’s Family – 0/1

Very unremarkable and boring side-scrolling platformer. The music is the best part, but it isn’t enough.

Addam’s Family Pugsley’s Scavenger Hunt 0/1

Terrible platformer with no music. At least TRY for some music, I mean you had the Addam’s Family theme in the first game

AD&D DragonStrike – 1/1

One of the most original games on the NES. It’s an open-world top down shooter with an elevation mechanic, and you control a dragon! You kick everything’s ass from other dragons to pirate ships. Winner.

AD&D Heroes of the Lance – 0/1

Not sure how this game got passed any QA person in the world. It’s totally broken. You can’t even hit the enemies. You certainly cannot dodge their attacks. Unplayable.

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