Special treat for every one, my boy Yury shows up for a smooth “Guys in Ties” session. Together, nothing can stop us. He sticks around for a nice series of videos!

AD&D Hillsfar – 0/1

It’s a poorly done RPG. I can appreciate AD&D going for it and making a game to represent their pen and paper gaming world but this was a massive flop. Although slow-motion horse is pretty money.

AD&D Pool of Radiance – 1/1

The got it right this time. The game controls like Dungeon Master or Eye of the Beholder, but has turn-based strategic combat. I obviously didn’t play enough to know much but it seems like a solid NES RPG.

Adventure Island 2 & 3 – 1/1

These two are pretty much the same game. I really enjoy the way they incorporated a “time” mechanic with food and hunger. Love the dinosaurs you ride. Love Mr. Higgins.

Adventures in the Magic Kingdom – 1/1

I love games that are based on mini games. The graphics are good, the music is ok, and the Disney IP has plenty of ground to cover. I bet this is a decent game.

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