• Deathrace - 1/1

    Even though it isn’t much to look at there is something here. The graphics passable and the driving controls are pretty bad, however the novelty of running over pedestrians on an NES game can carry the concept pretty far. The competitive nature of the game with a friend is also interesting.

  • Deathbots - 0/1

    Games like this really confuse me. There is no excuse for how ugly and bad this game is. Are they really just trying to sucker kids into it with the cover art? Was that a viable strategy in the NES age? Box art bait and switch?

  • Defender II - 0/1

    There is nothing wrong with a defender port. The only problem is it’s worse than almost every other shooter on NES. Why in the world would anyone want to own this when you could have Gradius, Lifeforce, Crysis Force, Gun Nac, Paraodius, or literally any of the others?

  • Defender of the Crown - 0/1

    Feels like a board game. Board games have been done well on NES before, however I can’t say this game is an example of that. It reminds me of Castles: Siege and Conquest but only based on the setting. Looks like this game will take a LONG time to learn, and the payoff isn’t going t be there.

  • Defenders of Dynatron City - 1/1

    The dog can throw cars. If that isn’t enough, the graphics are good, the gameplay is good and the character design is hilarious and awesome. I didn’t get a full feel for this game, but after my 5 minutes I was hungry for more.

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