Lot’s of changes in this episode! Once again it is 60fps, but this time it’s in a real aspect ratio instead of some random garbage: 1920×1080. Also there is a new title screen and a slightly new layout. Let me know your thoughts! Also stick around until the end for some bonus footage.

  • Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum - 0/1

    I don’t know what the story of this game is. There is some kind of overworked where you move blocks around to clear the way to enter pipes. Once inside a pipe you end up playing a horrible platform game. Not much good I can say about this except that I feel bad for people that had it.

  • David Crane’s A Boy and His Blob - 0/1

    This game seems to be pretty popular and no one rags on it. Well I don’t see it. It’s essentially a convoluted point and click adventure game. Instead of pointing and clicking on random items trying to make progress, you randomly feed jelly beans to your pet blob to see if you can progress. I really do not enjoy this style of game. Who has time for trial and error anymore?

  • Day Dreaming Davey - 0/1

    Game starts with some asshole bully taking Davey’s new pencil of all things… How is Davey going to succeed in school if his pen is gone? So I guess Davey goes on a quest to get his pencil back … in medieval Europe? The game has daydreaming in it’s name so I suppose that is what is going on. He is imagining getting his pencil back? Seems pretty dark actually. Anyway this game is an overhead action adventure and it isn’t a good one.

  • Days of Thunder - 0/1

    Other than Pole Position, this might be the most boring racing game I have ever seen. I mean just watch the video and see for yourself.

  • Deadly Towers - 0/1

    Deadly Towers gets ragged on a lot on youtube channels. The difficulty is pretty insane. You start with 100hp but some enemies do as much as 50 to you (I think). The game plays like the original Zelda but with a slightly isometric view, but the difficulty is just off the charts!

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